Friday, April 27, 2007

The Yankees are in last place? You are kidding me.

*Photo from the Boston Globe*


That's right, 11-4. Julio Lugo got his first Home Run as a Red Sox, Daisuke goes to 3-2 as a starter, and Francona get's vindicated as a manager.

Torre brings Rivera in the late innings and gets lit up: Tito keeps Pap on the bench to have available tomorrow and Sunday if needed.

But Tito is "Francoma" and Torre is the best manager of his generation.

Screw that. Boston EMBARRASSES the Yankees tonight and it will only get better.

The Sox are 15-7. The Yankees are 8-13.

Life is good.


Tex said...

I is good and getting better. I am getting to see my old love for the 2nd time tomorrow. He's coming to see me!! He sounds so excited...and sincere...if life gets any better...i think I may be as happy as i've ever been.

Ted D said...

Good for you Tex: let me know how it goes.

Me? I'm off to bed: Ciera is in a talent competition tomorrow and I need sleep.

Red Sox have embarrassed the Yankees tonight: that is good enough for me.

Christine E. said...



I know this won't last foerver, but this is Priceless!

Tell Ciera I said to Break a Leg..:-)

Go Sox!

Whooo Hoo!

Christine E. said...

Good Luck Tex....I hope it works out just the way you want it to...:-)

Tex said...

ted we didnt use the same pic :)
luck to ciera!

Carol said...

Joe Walsh "Life's been good" - Love that song!

KAYLEE said...

//kaylee i would suggest you NOT converse/debate/argue with josh over there. You are only 15 and he is very opinionated and wont hesitate to say whats on his mind. if he's not talking bout you...leave it alone.//

TEX thats exactly why I was biting my tongue to say something all night to him but did not!

Stacy said...

You have got to be kidding me. That's great! The last update I got from my NESN source, the Sox were only up 2-0.

Mattie said...

I saw a guy in Savannah yesterday with a "Yankees Suck" t-shirt on. You know I was representing with my lid, so I had to go and voice my agreement with him.

Ahhhh...the sweet smell of victory. You gotta love it. I think we may have broken the alure of "The Great" Mariano Rivera. Life is good, my brotha!

John said...

Peter's Red Sox forever calls it "Happyland"...I agree it's been great. Let's hope it lasts all year long.

KAYLEE said...

//I saw a guy in Savannah yesterday with a "Yankees Suck" t-shirt on//

I see em all the time here because we got alot of boston fans here.

KAYLEE said...

I want this game to start soon I am so readyy for it to start.WAkE please pitch well and get a win:-)

Ted D said...

Christine, sorry for heading to bed so early and missing your comments. It may not last, but starting the season 4-0 vs our most hated rival feels really good.

Tex and Carol, same to you: And thanks to everyone for the well wished for Ciera. She did GREAT and I'm doing a post on it AFTER the game.

Ted D said...

First inning, 2 batter in and this is the situation:

Karstens is out of the game after taking a Lugo line drive off the leg, Youk singled, and Papi is up against Kei Igawa, who the Yankees think so much of they took him out of the rotation.

LOL Yankee pitching

KAYLEE said...

karstens out already? haha thats pretty funny good for us though:-)

Carol said...

I saw a Yankees fan during this afternoon's game with a "Buck Boston" t-shirt. I never saw that one before!

Ted D said...

OK, so my trash talk was a LITTLE early: Yankees win 3-1. Once again, Wakefield gets hosed in the run support dept., going 6 innings and only giving up 3 runs, 2 off a ball Posada just KILLED. The other a pop up in the Bermuda Triangle that Manny, Lowell, and Lugo could not get too.

Maybe Tavarez will come through tomorrow vs Wang.

Biggest problem today: too many guys LOB.