Saturday, April 28, 2007

First Place

My little girl won her first trophy today, and I could not have been more proud if she'd of hit a walk off home run off Mariano Rivera.

Ciera and her friend Anna entered our church's conference-wide talent competition and did an interprative dance. Now, you ask me about how many errors Mike Lowell had last year (6) or who was pitching when Dave Henderson hit that home run in the ALCS in '86 (Donnie Moore) I usually know what I'm talking about.

Dancing? As a proud member of the "2 left feet" society, I don't know the waltz from a hole in the ground. All I can tell you is she was the prettiest thing I'd ever seen dancing, and she danced like she'd been doing it for years. She did every move better than ANY of them women on "Dancing With the Stars".

Getting up in front of a huge crowd in a huge building is not easy for most adults: I told her she reminded me of Manny today: they could have landed the Goodyear blimp in the back of that room, and I really don't think she'd have noticed.

Watching her grow up is not the easiest thing to do: I'd like to stop time right now and keep her just like she is. Barring that, I'll just remember days like this one day when she's off living her own life and leaving me with my memories and my watery eyes.

Finally, Timmeh pitched great again, but the dreaded "lets just not score when Wake pitches" syndrome took over and the boys fell to the Yankees 3-1. Maybe Julian can channel Pedro circa 1999 and pull one out of his rear in most likely his last start.

Jon Lester's line in his rehab start last night: 5IP, 3H, 0R, 6K's, and 0BB. Looks like the kid will be anchoring the back end of the rotation in the very near future.

Think Fenway's gonna be electric THAT first start back?


Tex said...

Very Cool TED!!!! My home town church does that interpretative dance too. I am sure ya are SO proud and I can see that smile across her face. My guy is on his way here...he got off work im nervous!!!

Christine E. said...

Congrats to Ciera! Whoo Hoo!

And I am so glad thisng are workding out well for your Tex...sending tons of positive vibes

Yes, Tim did not fare so well, it make me NUTSO when out pitchers do well and still lose...

But, hey, the Skanks are still in last place--and I said I would be perfectly happy with 2 out of 3...although confidence is not high with Julian on the mound tomorrow...

Hope everyone is well!

Go Sox!

Ted D said...

Tex and Christine, Thanks for your words: I was really proud of her. The difference between girls and boys is unreal.

Well, with Julian on the mound I'm not feeling 100% about today, but stranger things have happened. Let's hope the big bats wake up today.

KAYLEE said...

lets win okay gott go supposed to be groundedfrom the computer got an F in history.

KAYLEE said...

congrats to ciera by the way.

Ted D said...

Thank you Kaylee.

Now, get off the computer on go study your history.

Stacy said...

Ciera danced so gracefully; they both did such a great job. (Not that I am in any way biased.) I couldn't believe how calm she was; no nerves for that girl!

I know you were a proud daddy. She is definitely a sweetie.

Tex said...

I went to watch my friend's son play soccer today. their teams tied...but it was a good game. Today was a good sign for me. I know i should find a church here...but it's so hard to find one in a big city that i can feel the comfort as my home Sunday's I like to go to Town Lake and take in God's beauty and listen to him there. I always seem to hear life lessons somehow.
Today i experienced the same thing the day of my 1st blog. Live Music Guy...I plan on writing a new blog about it today...will include his name, pic and including his link as well.

Ted D said...

Hey Texas:

You don't have to be in a church to experience God. But it sounds like you already knew that!

I'll be checking for the new post: I'm working on one as well.

It's about the Red Sox.

Big surprise, huh? :)