Monday, April 30, 2007

Smile. The Red Sox are in First Place

On a day with no Red Sox baseball, I look for my laughs wherever I can get them.

Tiz and Mini Tiz qualify. With the Red Sox sitting atop the AL East at 16-8, a picture of Papi and Wily Mo looking positively giddy can be labeled as "put a smile on your face unless you are a Yankee fan."

And that's good enough for me.

Real baseball tomorrow, with Schilling going up against Joe Blanton: for tonight, this is more that enough.


Tex said...

Tiz and MINI??? seems to be Wily Mo is pretty good size huh?
Im ready for baseball!!

Stacy said...

LOVE that picture! Papi has a million dollar smile (or however many million he makes)! Gotta love him.

Can I see the game tonight?

Ted D said...

Stacy, sorry, the game is on NESN: don't know for sure but maybe tomorrow's?

Tex, I swear the 2 of them could be brothers.

scott h said...

Can I see the game tonight?

Stacy lets try this test. How many fingers am I holding up?

Rain day so I took off this afternoon. Ted how are you holding up?

Ted D said...


But I had a great day selling and there is a game on in less than an hour.

So I'm good.

"how many fingers am I holding up"

I'd guess: 1

scott h said...

Ted that was in referance to a EYE test for the older lady who thought she might have trouble seeing the game!

scott h said...

Thats good all your problems are solved and you can sleep tonight!

Ted D said...

"Ted that was in referance to a EYE test for the older lady who thought she might have trouble seeing the game!"


My bad.

Ted D said...

3-0 Sox in the top of the 2nd for anyone not watching.

This in-game update brought to you by Ambien, which if I don't get some sleep tonight, I will be getting soon.

scott h said...

Keep your eye on the little white ball, you are getting very very sleepy. When I snap my fingers you will wakeup and feel like you have slept 12hrs. Also everytime you hear the word Redsox you will crow like a rooster. SNAP

Ted D said...

You are at least making me laugh Bubba!

scott h said...

Redsox, redsox

Ted D said...

Here we go Red Sox, here we go: clap clap.

4-2 bottom of the 8th, Red Sox.

Ted D said...

Uh Oh:

Pap just gave up a 2 run HR:

4-4 tie.

This is NOT going to help me sleep. BAD Papelbon, BAD.

Ted D said...

Pap blows the save, Donnelly gives up the run, and I'm off to bed.

New post tomorrow: Pap is not Jesus, the pen is going to give up runs, and I'm freaking tired.

I hope I can sleep.

Night all.

Stacy said...

The little old lady was wondering if the game would be on a channel besides NESN, Plant Man. :)