Monday, April 9, 2007


He's had a lot of firsts: first tooth, first word, first birthday, and even his first roll down the stairs. The other day, after Angie got tired of him looking like Doc Brown from "Back to the Future", he got his first haircut.

Normally, I only get emotional at really moving things: Papi hugging Johnny Pesky, Manny launching a moon shot over the Monster, and Mike Lowell robbing a double from some poor soul. As I get older however, things tend to get to me more than they used to. I guess the cold realization that I'm not some punk kid anymore is finally sinking in.

I look at Ciera and I don't see my little baby girl anymore: I see a young lady on the verge of breaking her Dad's heart with that first boyfriend. It seems like yesterday I was rocking Rakes to sleep, and he'll turn 4 this year. The only positive about Rakes getting older is I can get him T Ball where he can burn off some of his endless energy: you should have seen the shadow boxing he was doing with the neighbors Dalmatian today. Funniest Home Video's could run a whole hour on his antics alone.

Finally, Baby Trot: 1 year old and the life of the party. A more loving, sweet natured little ruffian you'd have a hard time finding. I want to make time stop and speed it up all at once, if that makes any sense. My brother in law, after we all ate Easter dinner yesterday, told Angie that he was going to go home and take a 3 hour nap.( Obviously, they don't have any kid's of their own yet). I told Angie last night I felt envious of him and sorry for him at the same time. Envious for the freedom, but sorry for what he's missing out on.

Last but not least, I've got to give a BIG thank you to the beautiful lady holding my boy: she is a stay at home Mom who for the last month or so has had to live with a husband teetering between insanity and a nervous breakdown, a daughter who seemingly is already 15 mentally, a 1 year old with an oral fixation, and a 3 year old who is apparently going to be in the terrible two's for the rest of his life. And she has handled it with grace and dignity, only calling me a tool 3 times. I figure she's doing pretty good.

A man can say some really stupid things to his wife, and I have to believe I'm leading the pack: how this woman puts up with me I'll never know.

Oh yeah: after attempting to give me a heart attack last night, the boys pulled it out in Arlington. Pap came in for 1 2/3 innings and slammed the door, and they head home at 3-3 with Ichiro and the Mariners waiting. Beckett goes tomorrow, and Matsuzaka and Ichiro meet for the first time in MLB on Wednesday night.

Wonder if THAT will get any play back in the land of the rising sun?


Tex said...

Oh I REMEMBER my son's 1st haircut!

but that would be an entire blog!!
short story:
I cut my lil sis' hair when she was 1 yr...I was 5 yr old. she had golden curlilocks...I did not...
I recall a tearing up of the behind.

Fast Forward to my son's being 2 yrs old...curly brown while at mom (babysitter) took him to the hairdresser for a haircut cos she got tired of people asking if he was a little girl. (he was the cutest thing)

So she got me back....and I never said a thing.

KAYLEE said...

//a daughter who seemingly is already 15 mentally//

Oh trust me you dont know what us teenagers are like and,you probably dont mid that you dont want to find out just yet:-)

Mattie said...

Great post, Pizza Roll. I used to think you were crazy, until I had a little one of my own. It totally changes your life, in every way...all for the good. I don't know what I'd do without Amanda and Caroline.

And what's this about Ciera nearing the age when she'll break your heart with a boyfriend? I thought we agreed that 50 was a good age to begin discussing dating.

Kaylee, believe it or not, Ted was a teenager once. Many, MANY moons ago.

And quit kissing up to Angie, bro. What'd you do this time?

Carol said...

A sweet post & photo for the keepsakes album! Also, my D had her first haircut at Snip-its a few months ago. I had envelope seals made up from it lol.

Ted D said...

Banana Leaf,

Gotta give it up to you: Pizza Roll made me chuckle. :)

I'm hoping for 50 but the way it's going, it'll be next week. Get ready man: it FLIES by.

And for the record, I have not done anything wrong out of the ordinary: you know me, just acting like myself is bad enough. BTW, I'm TiVoing the game, so don't call me with any updates today!

Hi Carol: first haircuts are pretty special. We kept Trots locks in a ziplock bag to go in his baby book. Of course by we I mean Angie.:)

Have a great day.

Tex said...

just in case ya didn't know...Im from Texas...same place Beckett is from...East Texas that is

Tex said...

oh and Ted...did you tivo this game??? cos if you did and know how to burn the game to a dvd? can ya do that for me???
I have no clue how to.

KAYLEE said...

Youre asking ted to burn you a cd tex dont you know who you are talking to?

//Kaylee, believe it or not, Ted was a teenager once. Many, MANY moons ago.//

that was 40 yrs ago tree squirrel this is now!

scott h said...

Word to your mother! I will not be blogging until I get a public apology from the Bonsi Brothers concerning the Blue Hairs! Have your people call my people.

KAYLEE said...

are you going on protest now here scott.....I cant live without blogging id go insane cos my family dont wanna hear all i have to say:-)

KAYLEE said...

IF the diamondbacks closer blows one more game I swear I am gunna fly him out to boston and have him learn a thing or two from PAPS!he is pissing me off.I HATE JOSH BYRNES AS AN ASSISTANT GM though by the way.....he dont know a thing!

Ted D said...

Hey Tex:

Yes I did TiVo the game and just got done watching it: Kaylee, where is my apology on Beckett? 2-0 now. :)

Now Tex, do you really think I know how to burn something to a cd?

Plus, after I watched it I deleted it.

Bub, if it's not you, my apology. I still think it is though.

And Kaylee, I'm 37 not 53!

KAYLEE said...

//Kaylee, where is my apology on Beckett? 2-0 now. :)//

apology?,Since when are we expecting those here? Okay you really want one? I will give you one I was wrong you were right beckett can pitch quite well.You happy now?I am sorry.

//And Kaylee, I'm 37 not 53! //


Ted D said...

Thank you.

And yes, I do.


KAYLEE said...

I am sorry for implying that you were 53!TED!

scott h said...

That was not heart felt, and I want to hear from pinecone breath.

KAYLEE said...

I hope you are talking to TED SCOTT mine was kind of smart-alicky

Ted D said...

What was not heartfelt about that? I felt like I was very sincere.

KAYLEE said...

i am turning this ugly yankees game off they and winningand that freaking pisses me off:-)

scott h said...

{o o} CAlling the blueHairs If scott has anything to do with you guys declare it now! Other wise you are free to harrass Ted all you want.

KAYLEE said...

UM dont they already? they are just old people that sont have a life:-)

Ted D said...

Scotty, this is all a virtual reality: my second theory is you have put Sonya up to all this!

KAYLEE said...

it has to be someone 75 year olds are not up at 11:30 which is when they like to appear!!!!! but it always could be someone we dont know that is pretending to be 75 year old twins:-)

Ted D said...

Oat Meal,

Where in the world are you? You are in the bungalow, water is running, electricity is on.

What in the great wide world of sports are you up too?

KAYLEE said...

he gave you his visit today ted!I feel like I am gunna pass out and it aint cause i am tired cause i am not.

Tex said...

back home and tired! class was interesting today. I am also very sad I missed the game

Mattie said...


Times are tough in the bungalow life. Had to fix the kitchen sink tonight. Yippee.

What in the world am I aplogizing to Bub for? Did I miss something? Is he the Chicklets or not? C'mon bub, come clean!

How 'bout that Beckett!

Ted D said...

Raisin Bran,

Beckett was NAILS. Scotty is going through a mid life crisis I think.

Tex, great game: sorry you missed it. No TiVO on the free preview? That bites.

I'm outa here: long day today. I'll see you all tomorrow. New post momentarily.