Saturday, June 14, 2008

Home Town Boy Makes Good

For a professional baseball player, other than winning the World Series, I can't imagine there is a better feeling than being the key part of a win over your hometown team. Especially when you desperately wanted to be drafted by that team, yet were picked in the 8th round by somebody else.

So I'm guessing Kevin Youkilis is feeling pretty good about himself right now. The Red Sox led the Reds 4-3 going into the bottom of the ninth today, and with the Papelbot on the mound I figured all that was left in doubt was which type of victory cigar Tito would be puffing on later tonight.

An Edwin Encarcaion HR on a splitter that didn't split? Threw that bit of brilliant deduction right out the proverbial window.

Top of the 10th? Youk DRIVES a ball, Coco follows right behind him, and all is right with the world; Sox win 6-4, and Youk gets a single, a double, and a HR for the day. Plus a big screw you to the Reds for passing on the local boy who has gone on to win 2 World Series, a Gold Glove, the Major League RECORD for consecutive chances at 1B without an error, and is the owner of the baddest beard in all of baseball.

Yeah, he takes every a/b like it's Game 7 of the World Series, and he may throw a random helmet or bat when he strikes out, grounds out, or gets his pick caught in his enormous facial hair. And sometimes even the most serious of teamates like Manny occasionally take offense and there is a minor slap fight in the dugout. Meh. Some guys can shrug a bat a/b off and move on; Youk just don't roll like that.

Who am I to judge? Whatever he's doing, it's working. The guy is a machine at 1B, one of the toughest outs in the game, and other than needing a few anger management classes I think he'll be OK.

Besides, with Trot off in New York, we need another guy who'll punch somebody in the marbles when the occasion calls for it, pitches a random fit, and ends every game with his uniform looking like he took a mud bath in it.

Kevin Youkilis.

The 2008 Red Sox Dirt Dog.


~**Dawn**~ said...

I've taken to calling Youk 'Pigpen' lately, the way the dirt clouds off his uniform. That game was a little more stressful than I would have liked but at least we came out on the right side of the score. Youk & Coco back to back almost shocked me as much as Cheerio Mouth's blown save.

Ted D said...

Dawn, I get exactly what you mean. Those two aren't exactly who pop to mind when you envision back to back HR's.

Youk is a throwback for sure.

Edge of Design said...

Hey Ted! I'm stopping by today to wish you a Happy Father's Day today. Enjoy your day with your family!

Stacy said...

I saw Youk and Coco go back to back and boy was it fun to watch! I just don't see how you can watch all those games and not need a Pepto Bismol i.v. Tough on the nerves.

Happy Father's Day, little brother.

Ted D said...

Thanks, Edge. Tell Mr. Edge the same for me.

Stacy, the key is the stomach lining. Gotta build it up. ;)

Krystle said...

Happy Father's Day Ted! Hope it's not rainy there like it is in the sticks.

I bet Coco hitting two homeruns and Jacoby being well Jacoby. JD making Manny moves was a little weird too.


Ted D said...

Thanks, Krystle! It's hot and sunny here and I grilled burgers for my in-laws for lunch.

I saw JD do the "spin" move describing his Home Run to somebody. LOL.

Krystle said...

Seriously, I like this new JD. Last year he just looked PAINFULLY shy.

Ted D said...

I really think all his families health issues wore on him, combined with new team, league, etc.. last year.

The way he's driving the ball tells you he's in a good place right now.

Krystle said...

Oh yeah that's true. I don't think he would even do that in LA or any other place.

Yeah, I love shopping for my Red Sox fan friend for her college graduation? All that would make her happy?

A cup of ALL Josh Beckett.

HorshamScouse said...

Hope you had a great Father's Day, Ted. Mine was honoured with a call from Adam, even though it's not Father's Day in NZ until September sometime.
Hope Elmer (the other Elmer) had a great day too!

Ted D said...

Good news, John! Glad to hear you heard from Adam.

And the other Elmer had a fantastic day!