Wednesday, June 25, 2008

No Credit, Just Cash

I imagine being Tim Wakefield's personal catcher is sort of like being the substitute mailman in my little small town. You're doing an important job, but it's only for every 5th day, nobody pays attention, and much like catching, you're doing a vital, yet largely unnoticed job.

Now, I'm not equating putting envelopes in a mailbox to trying to catch a ball that is dipping and diving more than Ali in his prime; just trying to make a point in a way most people can understand. I'm pretty sure I'd wet myself if I ever had to attempt to perform the equivalent to capturing a butterfly with a pair of tweezers, plus my respect for the everyday postal carrier has never been questioned.

All I'm saying is baseball is a game of repetition; the more you can practice, the better you are. And while Cash is money when it comes to catching Wake's demon of a pitch, he'd hit approximately 0 HR's and driven in a whopping total of 6 runs heading into tonight.

Which makes that 3 run shot all the way over the Green Monster tonight that much sweeter, and the Sox win 5-0 to take the series with the Diamondbacks. As a long time admirer of Doug Mirabelli, this is hard for me to type, but to paraphrase a popular beer commercial....

Kevin Cash, catcher of the knuckle ball, whatever offense you bring to the table is a bonus, toiling in anonymity, we salute you.

1st place and a record of 49-32 at the half way point?

Sounds good to me.


Tex said...

ok I just realized his initials are KFC. Cash is money but more importantly....Cash is HOT.

Ted D said...



Tex, I'm seriously considering giving you second billing on the blog; thanks for the loyal support.

Tex said...

2nd billing? Im gonna have to pay to read it now? ;)

Ted D said...

Pay Per View?


Tex, you're a genius!

Tex said...

if im gonna have to start paying...Beckett pitchers better be up every time.

Im just sayin

Ted D said...

Tex, c'mon now? Do you really think I'd make YOU pay?

You get the Free deal every time. ;)

Tex said...

i Know. I am SO Psyched about this weekend. AND my Sunday game with Beckett is SWEEEEEEEEETer since I found out my friend scored behind homeplate tickets, 2nd level, row 1...could NOT get any better.

unless Beckett were to agree to go out for beers with me

it COULD happen

Redbeard76 said...

Superb analogy Ted, comparing Cash to the Saturday mailman. Miles would be so proud if he actually commented on anyone else's blogs.

Ted D said...

Tex, miracles do happen. Look at me; Ang has actually put up with me for 16 years now. ;) So Keep the Fair on Beckett.

Redbeard, thanks man. I like to think Miles reads this, though I'm not sure if he does.

~**Dawn**~ said...

I was momentarily confused last night. Cash was something like 2-2 and I needed a potty break. I said "I can go now. Not like anything is going to happen here and at least I'll miss seeing an out recorded." I walked back into the room to see the ball sailing up & over the Monstah (yes, I go fast & yes, I washed my hands) and then almost tripped when I saw Cash rounding the bags. But I was much happy for him. I bet that felt *awesome* to unleash.

Ted D said...

Dawn, I had just put Trot to bed, came into the computer room, looked over and heard Orsillo get that excited voice he has!!

Nice to see Cash get that monkey off his back finally; and I'm with you. It must have felt fantastic to watch that ball go out.