Saturday, June 21, 2008

It's a Hard Knock Life

Rakes, not liking the fact we wouldn't let him have his light saber tonight (long story: suffice it to say that Rakes + Lightsaber + Trot's head = more issues than I care to address at one time), pitched the mother of all hissy fits tonight.

As I tried to explain to him, being 4 isn't the worse thing in the world. I told him that he got to pretty much live the life of Tarzan with no worries, no responsibilities, and his biggest decision was which vine to swing from and which toy to eventually break.

Our little talk worked out ALMOST as well as that Peace accord Clinton worked out with Arafat and Israel back in the day.


At least the little sucker eventually goes to sleep.

Even if it's not when and where you want him to.

Hey; I'll take some peace any way I can get it.

Oh yeah, that Red Sox/Cardinal game today? The one where the Red Sox were down 8-0 after the top of the second inning?

I'm just gonna pretend that never happened.



Tex said...

burying your head in the sand isn't gonna help. ya know, I dont get to watch too many games sucked being able to see this one.

Ted D said...

Burying my head works fine.

At least until the morning.

Tex said...

fine. pretend it didnt happen. im sure DiceK is doing the same thing

Ted D said...


It DIDN'T happen.


It did, and it sucks. I was really hoping C and Orion would get a win today. First trip to Fenway and his memories are of a big pile of suck by Daisuke.

I feel for the lil' fella.

Tex said...

i know i do hate it for them. but he just gets a taste of what red sox fans had for years. i got my own version of today.

Redbeard76 said...

Come on Tex, let's all do the OSTRICH!

Redbeard76 said...

Feeling better, Tex?

Tex said...

better but still coughing and dealing with bronchitis

Ted D said...

I got to Fenway for the first time and they win 4 straight and get a no hitter.

I wish Orion would have gotten the same. I'm with Stephen.

Let's all do the ostrich.

Redbeard76 said...

7 straight there bub. They swept KC, it was a great week to be on vacation, I watched all those games, almost all in entirety except for the 2nd doubleheader game.

Ted D said...

Thanks for setting me straight, Stephen.

I'm off to bed, guys.

Keep the Fair and all that.

Redbeard76 said...

I would have seen more of it if I didn't get stuck on the train getting back to my car. Too bad I didn't have a limo or something. ;0)

Mode of Transportation...

Tex said...

You Cant always get what you want
You Cant Always Get WHAT you WANT
but if you try sometime, you just might find

You get what YOU NEEEEEEDD

Tree Newt said...

Hey, at least Rakes fell asleep. Take what you can get.

I think I saw the gyroball out there. Yikes. UGLY.

Tex said...

i know ive been lazy and all but my new post is getting lonely

Ted D said...

Stephen, you shoulda called Al. :)

Tex, you sound scarily nothing like Mick. ;)

Mattie, yep. On both counts. Here's to Lester righting the ship.

Tex said...

scarily nothing like Mick?? thank goodness i dont look like him

as far righting the ship, i say the pirates in the bullpen should make Glaus walk the plank blindfolded

Ted D said...

I do not heard Troy Glaus. Never have been able to stand him for some reason. So yeah, I'm all for Timlin and the rest of them scurvy dogs to tear him apart.

Tree Newt said...

Isn't it funny Mick sang "You Can't Always Get What You Want...but sometimes you get what you need" AND "I can't get no satisfaction?" Well, which is it?

Ted D said...

I think neither, little brother.

Game's on TBS if you didn't know.

3-3, bottom of the ninth. Pap blew the save. :(

Tex said...

its both Newt. sometimes you're the road sometimes you're the kill

Ted D said...

WOO HOO!!!!!

Today we were the ROAD!

NH Mom of 3 said...

I chuckled about your light saber comment...our guys (ages 5.5 and nearly 3) have some dedicated space for all confiscated toys used as "weapons" above the fridge. That's where you can find the light sabers, the plastic golf clubs and bats, and the campfire popcorn popper (don't ask!).

Hubby and I put off the kids afternoon production of the family circus for what we *thought* was going to be just one more batter for Pap to put away in the 9th. We had many unhappy campers for the innings that followed, but all's well that end's well.

Love the back to lurking. Enjoy your week!