Thursday, June 26, 2008

Don't call it a comeback

In reading and watching all the hand wringing that went on when Daisuke Matsuzaka lasted all of an inning in his first start since coming off the DL, it struck me how quick we forget.

We forget his 15-12 record last season in his FIRST YEAR in MLB, his 204 innings pitched, and his 32 starts. Now, I'm sure the talent in Japanese baseball is good, but I'm gonna go out on a limb and say there are no A-Rods, Vladdys, or Ryan Howards he ever had to face over there. Which makes what he did in his First season in big boy ball even more impressive.

To do it in a Seattle or Arizona or even Los Angeles is one thing; to do it in a fish bowl like Boston, in the beast that is the AL East is even more impressive.

As for 2008, all the man has done so far is go 8-1 with a 3.46 era and strike out 56. Yes, he's walked 41 batters, throws entirely too many pitches, and I'm sure makes Tek want to stuff him in a locker every now and then.

Bottom line is, he's a gamer, he's got mad skills, and if Boston wants a repeat of last season, we need him to sack up and be the front of the rotation pitcher we need to go with The Commander.

Tomorrow night in Houston he gets a chance to make us all forget about that last start when he goes up against Runelvys Hernandez and the Astros. Yes, the great Runelvys Hernandez; personally, I think Dice can take him.

I just hope Tek pulls him aside and issues the following instructions:

"Look, that guy Lee? He can mash. And that guy Berkman? You throw ANYTHING remotely close to the plate and I'm playing tether ball with your head after the game. We clear? Good. Go get 'em, kid."

My adopted sis Tex will be present for 2 of the games this weekend, tomorrow and Sunday, which I'm positive will bring the boys luck. So if you see a slightly deranged looking woman charging the mound and waving a Texas flag at Beckett?

Don't be worried; she means no harm.


Tex said...

uhmmmmm do YOU know something I DONT KNOW???? I got tickets to ALL the games thank YOU. Its just my friend who got me the BETTER seats only has them for Fri and covered Sat too. :)

and friends who are going to the game are cops...with badges :)
now ive got to figure out how to swipe it off them

Ted D said...

Sorry, sis. I thought I read somewhere today you only had tickets to two games.

EVERYONE: TEX HAS TICKETS TO ALL THREE GAMES. Daisuke, Lester, and Beckett. Just like in Boston for Elmerpalooza, Tex.

If I recall correctly, they swept that series. Just know I expect the same results from Texapalooza in Houston. ;)

Redbeard76 said...

//Yes, the great Runelvys Hernandez;//


Ted D said...

Redbeard, not really sure what is going on with blogger, but I admire your commitment to post. I've been trying to check the comments for 15 minutes and it wouldn't let me.

Can I say Thanks for the ::giggle:: and know that I was laughing when I typed it.

Nothing less than a 3 game sweep and dissapointment won't begin to cover how I'd feel.

HorshamScouse said...

I like the idea of a pitcher called Run, too.
Daft as Homer Bush.

IIRC, there's a good chance Tex might get some TV face time in one of the games: seats behind home plate?
Enjoy, Tex.

Tex said...

2nd level so no I wont have face time unless of course they show that shot when Im running across the field to talk to Beckett

Tree Newt said...

Tex, forgive Jr. for slighting you. He's a bit tense these days.

And it is amazing how quick we forget how good Dice-K has been.

Of course, if he goes out and gacks it up tonight, I'll be on the ledge with everybody else.

Ted D said...

Horsham, Homer has got to be the greatest name ever for a pitcher. No pressure there!

Tex, remember you zig when they zag and those security guys won't stand a chance. And if you get caught, tell 'em your name is Nancy. ;)

Newt, tense doesn't begin to cover it. And he'll be good Daisuke tonight; besides, I'm pretty sure nobody on the Stro's has faced him except Kaz Matsui, who I believe may be on the DL.

jess said...

you are a great fan of the red sox man we need more fans like you out there keep up the good work man
you ciera is very cute ahve a great day

Ted D said...

Hey Jess! Thanks for commenting and for the compliment about Ciera. Yours is beautiful as well.

And hit Redbeard on the shoulder for me.