Saturday, June 7, 2008

Just being Manny

This may be one of the best pictures of Manny I've ever seen. He does this all the time between pitches and I've yet to figure out why. Is he stretching his eye lids? Contact trouble? Realization that George Jetson is a fictional character? I have no clue, but it cracks me up every time.

2 days removed from getting into a slap-fight with Youkilis over the bearded one's penchant for throwing his helmet and abusing the water cooler, Manny was back in the lineup and wreaking his usual havoc.

He tied the great Eddie Murray for 23rd on the all-time Home Run list in the first inning of an 11-3 waxing of the Mariners at Fenway today. Day in, day out, Manny just goes about his business of becoming one of the greatest right handed hitters in the history of the game, while giving everyone who has the privilege of watching him on a daily basis at least a smile every time.

One day he'll be retired down in the Dominican Republic, relaxing with his kids and living the good life. And all we'll be left with is video, memories, and stories we'll tell our Grandkids about this long haired hitting savant who helped change the face, and destiny, of a franchise. Enjoy him while you can, 'cause he'll be gone before we know it.

For all the Manny being Manny stuff, I actually like the fact he was willing to get in Youk's face and tell him to dial it down a notch; I imagine for most guys on a first place team, seeing your first baseman pitching a hissy fit after a bad a/b when you are WINNING the game doesn't sit well. Good for him for being a veteran voice when something needed to be said.

Manny being responsible?

Who woulda thunk it?


Tree Newt said...

Manny is just all around classic, any way you slice it. And I wondered what was up between him and Youk. Good for Manny. That had to be like E.F Hutton speaking...people listened, I'd imagine.

Missed you today, bro. Just not the same. Of course, you were inside enjoying the wonders of AC, while we were outside in this insanely early triple digit heat.

And by the way, I think Trot wants a horse.

Ted D said...

Mattie, I hate I missed my little nieces birthday. Hopefully you gave her a hug for me and let her know I love her.

And while I was in the A/C, I still wish I could have been there. I heard Rakes was being Indiana Jones on your swing set and had a ball.

And there is NO WAY Trot is getting a horse; he can't even take care of his stuffed animals. ;)

Tex said...

Manny needs to share his meds with Youk. that'll solve our problems.

Youk is wound too tight

Ted D said...

They call it "meds" these days?

Tree Newt said...

Dude, to borrow a phrase, it was Rakes being Rakes down here yesterday! I'll have to send you some pics. And Trotty just didn't want to see the, he almost ran right under them. No fear whatsoever. Man, boys are a LOT different than girls!

Ted D said...

I heard Rakes was jumping from the teeter totter to the swing chain like Indiana Jones, Mattie!

And Trot knows no fear. Looking forward to some of the pictures.

~**Dawn**~ said...

I wonder if Manny would dare tell Beckett or Papelbon to essentially chill out when they go on their little tirades? Or are there some players you just don't confront? ;-)

Ted D said...

I think you stay out of Beckett's way. ;)

Timlin too.

Bickley said...

So that's what that was about. I never heard anything else about it. I agree with you and the others. Good on Manny!! I like Youk, but he does seem to be a bit of a hot-head.

And you can just stop that talking about Manny retiring right this MINUTE, young man!! K? K. Pft.