Monday, January 11, 2010

1998 seems like a LONG time ago

He couldn't have screwed this up worse if he'd shown up wearing a t shirt that said "I break for Juicers!" and flexing his muscles like Hulk Hogan back in the day.

The American public is a forgiving group; Jason Giambi apologizes, without saying what it is he's apologizing for, and he's forgiven. (Except for that whole gold thong thing and the unforgivable move of bringing back the Ron Jeremy porn stache.)

History is full of people who did idiotic things, yet are looked at as being OK due to the fact they owned up to what they did, apologized, and moved on. Bill Clinton, Micky Mantle, Dustin Hoffman for being in "Ishtar", and Alex Rodriguez. In fact, I bet if you asked 100 people on the street if Pete Rose should be in the Hall of Fame, 90 would say this: "As long as his plaque say's he bet on baseball? Yes." OK. Maybe not 90, but I would at least.

Mark McGwire had the chance today to totally redeem himself. He admitted he did 'roids, clearly regrets it, says all the right things, then looks Bob Costas in the eye and categorically denies thinking that steroids helped his performance, other than recovery purposes, in any way.

Either he's the dumbest human being to ever walk the earth or he's got the OJ Simpson "If I say it enough times and start to actually believe it it's the truth" disease; either way he blew whatever shot he had at total redemption right out of the water.

Don't get me wrong; I believe he's sorry, I believe he regrets what he did, and I honestly think he's a pretty good guy. But to have broken one of the, if not THE sacred record of baseball, all the while making a pants load of money while on this stuff, he wants us to believe he'd have done it anyways? Then WHY TAKE THE STUFF IN THE FIRST PLACE?

Yeah, yeah. To "recover" from injuries. That's why God invented Ibuprofen, massages, doctors, and everything else that can help with that. Whatever happened to just flat out owning up to a mistake and not having some lame excuse for it? Has the phrase "grow a set" just gone completely out of style?

I'm glad he's back in baseball; clearly, he loves the game and anyone who loves baseball is at least some point OK in my book. Like I said earlier, I think he's a good guy who just screwed up and as a guy who screws up at least 15 times a day I'm all for second, third, fourth, and fifth chances.

I just wish Big Mac had decided to stop at 2.

In a totally unrelated note Ciera informed us tonight she has her first boyfriend, Ange managed to keep me from sticking my head in the oven, and I'm applying for a concealed carry permit first thing in the morning.

To the shock and surprise of no one who knows me?

I'm not ready for this yet.


Redbeard76 said...

Admitting to it is fine and good and forgivable.
It's the lying under oath and the perjuriousness about him that makes him scummy like Clemens. And under what circumstances does he finally admit it - because he's going to be a hitting coach somewhere? Sorry but he doesn't get a pass from me.

Word Verification - cythrod - like cynthia rodriguez (isn't that a-rod's ex's name? not named madonna or kate) LOLZ

Ted D said...

Technically, "I refuse to talk about the past" isn't lying.

Still, I wish he'd have just come clean.

Tex said...

more importantly, I wish he would have really BEEN Clean

Dani said...

I don't think anyone who follows baseball was surprised by Marks statement today but to finally hear it was a little shocking. I didn't think we would ever know the truth and I'm not sure I wanted to. I sat in front of the T.V watching with tears running down my face when he broke the record and now when I remember what was once one of my favorite moments in baseball I will have sour feeling. I don't believe all this crap about using them to come back from injury that's BS. If he's not going to be 100% honest then don't talk about it at all. I don't think he deserves to be in the Hall of Fame at all.

Ted D said...

Tex, I wish they'd ALL been clean but that era is forever going to be looked at with suspicion. And Dani, I remember being glued to the the tv that summer; and regardless of what we know now? It was still awesome to watch. But I agree with you; the Hall of Fame is never going to vote him or anyone else with that label in.

Amy B. said...

I have always been a sports fan, but not a baseball fan. Don't ask- I have a dad who is a Mets fan and I just was never interested in the sport (UConn Huskies basketball was my first love). Well I start dating Josh and I move in with him in the summer of 1998, and he says to me watch this and I say, "No baseball is boring." He says, "You don't understand."

That was the summer that got me hooked on baseball and since that summer, I have tried to learn everything I can about this new love of mine, and it's just a shame that everything that I watched and fell in love with that summer was fake.

I'm actually glad that he is now admitting it, but if he thinks this is going to get him into the Hall, I think he's doing some new drugs.

Ted D said...

Amy, that is what stinks the most about all this; from now on what we saw and what we see is going to have a cloud over it until they can eliminate all of it. But that was one magic summer....

Tree Newt said...

I still remember watching the chase with Amanda. It was our first year of marriage. Crazy how time flies. But Big Mac is just a really rich version of the chick that spilled the McD's coffee on her pants and got rich from suing. No one wants to take responsibility for anything.

And please make notes on the whole boyfriend thing. I told Amanda last night that I have a hard time with my nieces having one...what in the heck am I going to do when my TWO girls start this stuff?!!!

Ted D said...

You don't want my advice, although whatever I said led Ciera to break up with the little thug today.

Thank God.