Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

In the first 2 hours of the next longest day of his life, Jack Bauer watched cartoons with his granddaughter, helped a scumbag informant try to escape, killed one dude with a fire axe to the chest while at the same time causing another dude to fall to his death down some stairs.

He then saved a guy from a RPG that took out a helicopter, had Chloe hack into a government computer system, accessed a secure armory to get a gun, blackmailed the head of CTU, and sent his daughter and grandchild back to California.

I haven't done that much in the past 6 years.

And if having my favorite tv character back for the next 22 weeks isn't enough?

Brett Farve and the Vikings beat the Cowboys and as a bonus FOX gave us numerous shots of Jerry Jones on the sidelines looking like he was getting ready to hurl while alternating with shots of the Vikings owner, who is named Ziggy by the way (How awesome is THAT? He's named ZIGGY!) chugging down some Dom at the same time.

Throw in Rex Ryan and the ragtag JETS beating San Diego and all in all?

To paraphrase that great lyricist Ice Cube?

It was a good day.


HorshamScouse said...

If you carry on summarising 24 I won't have to watch it myself:)

I hadn't realised the Chargers were out of it. If I'm counting right, does that mean the Saints are the only 'favorites' to make the last four?

Incidentally, I've been known as Siggy and, occasionally, Ziggy all my life: reflected glory.

Ted D said...

Scouser, Saints and the Colts and to some extent the Vikings were "Favorites" so the JETS are the odd man out in this scenario. And I won't be posting the synopsis every week; I'm just so flipping happy it's back on I sort of lost it.

Stacy said...

Glad for you that Jack is back.

Glad for ME that Mikey is back (at least in your blog header :)

Ted D said...

Figured you'd appreciate some more of Kelly's fine work, Stacy.

Tex said...

so I'm taking it Jack is the interpretation of "Your Girl"?

fla beck said...

Wow! Ted,you know rap lyrics? I'm impressed. Glad your fave TV show is back. I'm in between Dexter and Trueblood right now. Because I live with computer nerds,RPG to me means role playing game before rocket propelled grenade registers in my brain. Thanks for the laugh! Hope all of the Dalton Gang is doing well!

Ted D said...

Becky, I watched "Boys in the Hood". ;)

The Daltons are good; hope the Graves are as well. Glad I could provide a grin!