Monday, January 4, 2010

Yo Adrian

As I'm surfing around the interwebs tonight, safe in the knowledge Mike Lowell and his award winning beard are back for one final run, I find out the Red Sox have agreed to a deal with Adrian Beltre to play third this year.

My first thought is the Rangers are still in play if Scenic's thumb is in working condition. And even though my greatest wish is to grow up and Be Like Mike, I understand why they are trying to move him, even though I think the man deserves better than to just twist in the wind until it all plays out.

My second thought was this; do we REALLY want to hang our hats on a dude who ruptured a testicle on a line drive because he doesn't like to wear a cup?

Who plays third in the Show and doesn't cover the boys up? Is this someone we want to be manning the Hot Corner at Fenway? Yeah, Scenic has a hip that causes Senior Citizens world wide to giggle at and his thumb looks like Rakes and Trot took turns slamming into the car door, but my man at LEAST realizes the importance of covering the gibleys in times of crisis.

I'll give Beltre this; he's a wizard with the glove, seems like a good guy, and the thoughts of him banging line drives off the Monster has me smiling. But still; no cup?

Maybe Papi can talk some sense into him, and from all reports it's just for one year.

I'm thinking Theo is about 5 moves ahead of my feeble mind and somehow or another this means Adrian Gonzalez is coming to Fenway sometime soon.

But I really hope he included a jock strap stipulation in that deal.


Tex said...

the only thing that is making me smile right now is the fact I'll be in Boston Friday

Ted D said...

Have a blast, Tex.

Redbeard76 said...

The dude is nuts (pun intended)! But I don't have a problem with him coming to Boston. The former juicer thing... as long as he performs better than former juicer Gagne, then I say go for it.

word verification= momiz.
as in: mom iz at work and sierra is at preschool and i have the first 2 hours home alone in a very long time!

Amy B. said...

don't forget a winter coat Tex

Ted D said...

Redbeard, enjoy it my man. I can't remember the last time I was completely alone at home.

Tex said...

Winter Coat? I better go skin that armadillo

Ted D said...

You can skin Armadillos?