Saturday, January 9, 2010

Finally, something good in Texas.

There are just a few special things that will get me to flip over during a Red Sox game to take a peek at. Any Barry Bonds at bat a few years back, Sela Ward in some random Lifetime Network movie, "Deadliest Catch" on select Tuesdays, and Vladimir Guerrero.

Any dude with a strike zone that starts at the top of his head and ends at his cleats? I'm trying to catch every one of his at bats, anytime I can.

I honestly don't know if this really happened or if I just really wish it would someday, but the image of Vladdy hitting a ball that BOUNCED in front of home plate off the wall for a double is etched somewhere in my feeble mind, although a cursory tour of Youtube makes me think it's wishful thinking on my part.

Still, watching my man wobble up to home plate on knees a retired NFL lineman would cringe at, holding the bat like some over grown toothpick, then proceeding to hit the freaking cover off the ball more times than not is one of my most favorite non-Red Sox moments on a baseball field.

So after watching the Angels let him walk, it was with great joy I read tonight he's signed a 1 year deal to DH for the Texas Rangers, making them option #2 during the season. Watching Ron Washington chewing on a toothpick while Vlad and Josh Hamilton do their 2010 impression of the Bash Brothers is gonna be fun.

Meanwhile, another day has passed and we're that much closer to Truck Day and Spring Training.

God Bless Us.



HorshamScouse said...

If you can find a clip of Vlad stepping across homeplate to take a swipe at a pitchout, post the link please. :)

Might want to have a word with Blogger. My verification word: horism

Ted D said...

I'm on it, Scouser.

sittingstill said...

I'm pretty sure I saw a clip of Vladi getting a hit on a pitch that had bounced in a recap on MLBN not long ago...

Ted D said...

Thank you, Kelly! I may not have lost it all just yet. ;)

Rich in the Garage said...

Vlad running to first is just about the only thing more painful than watching Lowell trot down the line. I remember the all star game where Ortiz brought him out the bat ala Roy Hobbes. I don't think I've ever laughed so hard.

Your child's namesake wants to coach in the minor league system. Theres an article on the sox site.

Ted D said...

I remember that, Jr. And thanks for the heads up on Trot.

Rich in the Garage said...

Wait dude. Did you just cop to watching life time? mate.

Ted D said...

If it's got Sela Ward in it?

You bet.