Saturday, May 29, 2010

3 Saturday Night Thoughts

1.I watched the last 3 outs in Doc Halladay's Perfect Game against the Marlins tonight. If you're a baseball fan, this never gets old; 27 up and 27 down and until the last out was made Roy showed about as much emotion as peat moss, then he actually smiled. Which may be the first time I've ever seen him do that. And even though the Sox lit him up pretty good last weekend? I'm really, REALLY glad he's not in the AL East anymore.

2. It's been about 6 months since our community pool was last open and since I'm perpetually in a state of panic/frayed nerves/constant confusion I'd sort of forgotten what 4 hours in the sun, water, and sheer frenzy will do to two whirling dervishes. After coming home from work and finding the following scene, I've made this vow; we're going to the pool as often as humanly possible over the next 3 months.

3. Kevin Millar may be the best thing to happen to television since it was invented. As best as I can tell, he's on the MLB Channel, NESN, and possibly FOX but it wouldn't surprise me in the least if he ends up with his own sitcom deal and replaces Simon Cowell on American Idol next year. Dude is HILARIOUS. From pretending to get Jim Ed and TC to drink Jack Daniels to getting "thrown out" of Fenway last night to spending an inning in the booth with DO and Remy tonight (Where he told stories of Remy "stealing a heater" in the back of the plane and busted on the physical shape of Mike Lowell and Trot Nixon) the man is a walking riot act.
Hopefully somebody with some stroke will realize the potential pot of gold they've got sitting in front of them and get him an agent, manager, and entourage ASAP.

Can you imagine THIS guy walking around Hollywood with Manny, Kenny Chesney, and 15 random guys wearing cowboy boots and "I went to Spring Break at Padre Island and all I got was this lousy t-shirt" shirts?

'Cause I can.

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