Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wednesday night at Fenway

Watching the Sox play the Twins tonight and I had a couple of epiphany's.

Or something.

One, Clay Buchholz has put on some weight. He now resembles a bulimic male model rather than a meth head looking for copper to steal. And this is coming from a guy who is heading full bore into 40 and wears 28 inch jeans. Dude needs to hit the all you can eat buffet at Golden Corral about 3 times a week.

Skinny or not, he was DEALING tonight. As I type? 7 plus innings of 1 run ball and he's far and away been the ace of the staff so far this year. Really glad Theo didn't go with public sentiment and deal him and half the farm system for Santana a few years ago.

Two, Ron Gardenhire looks JUST like the Burl Ives snowman in "Rudolph" or "Frosty" or whichever Christmas cartoon he was in.

All he's missing is the umbrella. And why exactly did a snowman in the middle of winter even need an umbrella in the first place?

Three, Papi is back. Dinger over the Monster and all of a sudden it's 2007 all over again.

And I feel fine.


Tex said...

Do you think Dallas Braden would sign me a ball with Arod Sucks when I go to the game June 3rd? Cos if he does, I'm putting it on Ebay

Ted D said...

That would be AWESOME. But don't put it on Ebay; Keep It!