Monday, May 17, 2010

How you can tell it's Monday

I've come a long way since Ciera was a baby. Back then, she'd drop her pacifier and I'd boil it in water before I gave it back to her, every fall she had was a near emergency and NOTHING was allowed in her mouth except her milk and baby food.

Having Rakes, and then Trot come along and you just get busy and hectic and stuff that used to make you crazy just sort of gets put on the back burner. Somebody falls? Long as there aren't any bones sticking out or need of a tourniquet it's ok. Get whacked with a light saber? Grab a pack of frozen peas, duct tape it to their head, and send them on their way. As the years have passed by I've realized patience and a bottle of iodine are your best assets when it comes to raising kids.

Today, however, something happened that made me realize just how far I've come. On our way to each lunch with Ciera, Trot and I stopped off to pick some soup up at the store. En route back to the car he jumped into a water puddle that had to be 6 inches deep, splashing water all over his shoes and his pants.

3 minutes later, as I'm driving to the school, he proudly tells me "I'm drying my shoes, Dad". At this point, I turn over my shoulder to look and he's licking his shoe like a cat licks it's fur.

5 years ago, I would have driven straight to the nearest ER to have his stomach pumped; today, I just turned back around and pretended I didn't even see it.

Not sure if that means I've grown up or just grown numb.


Tex said...

Denial is not a river in Egypt
thanks for the laugh and Trot is freaking hilarious. He makes Rakes look like The Pope

Ted D said...

Glad I could help, Tex. The boy is straight up deranged.

Stacy said...

Only Trot. :)

You're mellowing, little brother. It's all good.

Ted D said...

I don't think it's mellowing. It's insanity.