Thursday, December 29, 2011

If we wanted advice I'd have taken him to see Cedric the Entertainer

Dear Lady at the beauty shop today,

As his parents, we realize his hair is coming out and have taken every step we know how. He saw his doctor the day after we noticed it and saw a specialist two days later. Yes, it looks bad and no, he doesn't really think about it much. Although after you went on and on and on and on about it today HOPEFULLY it won't cause him to dwell on it.

I realize you get most of your information from Dr. Phil and Oprah and while we greatly appreciate your suggestion to "get on the Internet and find out what it really is" I think we'll stick with the plan of seeing the COLLEGE EDUCATED SPECIALIST who we currently are putting our trust in.

Even though I'm sure it was well meaning, you may want to give people advice and make comments on certain things when you are, well you know, ASKED to. And you may want to consider that SOME people may prefer to handle the way they treat their kids and related medical issues in a more scientific way than Googling it.

It's days like this I'm grateful I was at work and not with Ang when this happened.

'Cause I'm pretty sure this lady would have left with a hair dryer implanted in her ear.


Stacy said...

Sort of wishing it WAS you that was with Trot.

Sorry about the rude lady. :(

Ted D said...

Meh. You can't fix stupid, sis.