Saturday, December 17, 2011

One, Two, Three.

Three seconds.

Not a long time. In fact, there isn't a whole lot one can accomplish in just three seconds. Three seconds, in the grand scheme of time and years and life is an insignificant speck in the context of the millions and millions of years this rock has been spinning around in space, right?

Today, even though I've spent roughly 8 years screaming myself hoarse about looking both ways, stopping at the end of the driveway, and in general paying some type of attention to where you are and what you are doing, Trot jumped on his brothers electric scooter, flew down the driveway,........

And slammed full speed into the drivers side door of a car cruising down the street in front of my house.

Thankfully he's OK. Thankfully it was driven by a 76 year old lady going under 25 mph and not one of the idiot teenagers who use my neighborhood as a cross through and think they're in Germany on the Autobon. Hopefully he has FINALLY got it into his thick head about being careful.

Three seconds earlier and he'd have been hit head on by that car instead of running into the side of it.

Three little seconds.

They can mean a lifetime.


Scott said...

Wow, that will scare the shit out of you. The parents, that is. The kids probably just shrug it off.

Ted D said...

It's a scary deal, man.