Thursday, July 12, 2007

Ask and you shall recieve

*Picture from the Boston Globe*

I left the house tonight after the first inning with the score 4-1 Sox: normally, me leaving during a game happens about as often as Slappy hits a HR in a clutch situation. However, my sister Sonya and brother in law Scott, with the two youngest kids in tow, arrived in NC around game time, so I figured I needed to get to my folk's house and give 'em a hug.

On the way over, I had a brainstorm: I need to give Dad the Extra Inning's package as a Christmas present this year: that way, whenever I have to leave the house to see my family, I'll never be away from the game. Think I'll start saving my pennies now so I can make this happen.

Upon returning home, it was 6-4 Sox and Ortiz was standing on second base: which leads me to the title of tonight's post. Yesterday, I wrote this: "The aforementioned Dynamic Duo to bust out the whooping sticks and start being the most dangerous 3-4 hitters in the game today."

Tonight, they went a combined 5 for 9, with 5 RBI's. After having a wife and 3 children, I've finally found SOMEONE who will listen when I speak: Thank you Manny and David: it's good to know somebody cares.

Wake gets to 10-8 for the year and has a decision, win or lose, in every game he's pitched this year. Which begs the question: is it possible for a pitcher to go 20-16 in 36 starts over the course of a year without having a no decision? Don't worry: I'm on it.

After getting swept by the Tigers, then having to sit through 3 days without baseball, tonight was a welcome relief. Still have a 10 game lead on the MFY's and now an 11 game lead on the Jays. Which makes me dance a happy jig for more reasons than you think.

Is it just me, or does Troy Glaus annoy the living crap out of anyone else?

Finally, I've got to wish Christine from, who comments here faithfully, wishes for a very happy Wedding day tomorrow. Not only is she inheriting some children, she has the guts to get married on Friday the 13th. I'm sure you won't see this Christine, but I hope everything goes off without a hitch, and that you and your husband have a lifetime of happiness.


Tex said...

Congrats Christine and good luck!

Wake gets some love from the boys and the Twins are back in business with their hot bats Finally!!

and forgive me for not posting SD has been hectic TOO hectic

Ted D said...

It's all right Tex: I forgive you.

Just know that I have OCD, and we folks can be a bit, well, obsessive about things.

So you WILL post the pictures someday. ;)

Have a great time next week.

KAYLEE said...

CONGRATS CHRISTINE AND WAIT DOES THAT MEAN I WONT SEE SCOTTS comments for a while or will he find a computer?

Tex said...

i promise after Boston...i plan on getting my photo thing together. I have so many and cant load them on my computer cos its so i have to load them on my work computer of which they dont like i need to go through them...pick which ones i want...put them on photobucket on line...Then i can delete them from my work computer...lots of work

Stacy said...

Ted, glad the boys obliged last night and got out the whooping sticks and drove in some runs.

You had me LOL at the comment about a wife and 3 kids and finally someone would listen to you. :)

I the the MLB package for Dad is a great, if somewhat selfish, idea. Jared and I could go down and actually see more than 5 games a season. If it gets to you family events for more than an hour, Dad might spring for it himself. :)

beckperson said...

//whenever I have to leave the house to see my family, I'll never be away from the game.//

I like the way you think! :)

Ted D said...

Glad you think so Stacy: now, would you like to contribute to the "buy Dad Extra Innings" fund?

becks, thanks for the comment. I think this is the first time you've said anything.

Stacy said...

Yes, I'll contribute to the fund. I'm telling you, though, if Dad thought you would come over more, HE might buy it. :)

Ted D said...

::take's a break from mopping, vaccumining, and changing all the beds::

Stacy, you think? Maybe I can start working on him now for next season.

Tex said...

ted...whurs yewr neew pahst?

Ted D said...

Morning Tex: been over at my folk's the last 2 nights, and felt horrible last night, so all I did was plop on the couch and watch the game.

I'll probably do one this afternoon on this great new band I saw last night.

When do you fly out to MA?

Tex said...

my plane leaves in less than 2 hours...waiting on friend to come pick me up.

i may post while at kelly's house on sunday but other than that...ill be awol...ill let hayes post our fun after her return

Ted D said...

Have a safe flight then, and try not to get deported back to Texas while you're gone!