Saturday, July 14, 2007

The Sheff

*Picture from The Remy Report*

I've got to admit, the picture has nothing to do with today's post: it just cracks me up. Especially Manny: I don't know why, it just made me laugh.

Gary Sheffield, in an interview with HBO, said the Yankees don't treat black and white players the same, and in so many words, accused Joe Torre of being a bigot. Now, I'm all for some good old fashioned Yankee bashing, but that? Sheff's always been, well, out there, but this MAY just cross the line.

Granted, Gary's burned more bridges with teams he's played for than Keith Olberman with TV networks. Just ask the Brewers, Padres, Marlins, Dodgers, Braves, and now the Yankees: Jim Leyland's cigarette intake probably tripled the day they traded for him in Detroit. However, this time, he's taking his craziness to a whole new level.

Said this about Derek Jeter: "just ain't all the way black." What is THAT supposed to mean? Because his Mom is white, his Dad doesn't count? Because Joe Torre called him on the carpet in a few team meetings, he's prejudiced? Somehow, I find it hard to believe that the whole time he was in NY, no white player ever got his marbles busted by the manager. And while I'll always enjoy muttering curses and giving the one fingered salute to Jeter whenever he plays, to question the man's ethnicity is just out of line.

Personally, I think he's got to play angry to play well, or at least he thinks he does: he's constantly fighting some sort of battle, either real or imagined. Just think: we could have had this wackjob playing RF for us someday: he mentioned how he would love to bat behind Papi and Manny sometime, and before you could say Barry Gordy, he was shipped off to Motown. NO WAY Steinbrenner was gonna let THAT happen.

I'd rather have JD Drew, glass -like body and street mime personality, included. Can you imagine that walking hand grenade Sheffield in the locker room full of goofballs on the Sox? It would have been a disaster of epic proportions.

I'll now type something you'll most likely never see me say again:

Dude, you owe Joe Torre and Derek Jeter an apology.


HorshamScouse said...

Hi Ted, great post. I think Sheffield's crossed the line on this unless he can come up with real evidence. And the crack at Jeter? WTF?
BTW, I was just busting your chops at SG: will you accept my aplogy?:)

sittingstill said...

Ted, I'm warnin' ya: one more crack at Drew and I come in here every day and post photos of him smiling... ^_^

scott h said...

Help, I am here in nc with Ted and he has kidnapped me. I have snuck up stairs and got on the computer. He is sick and of a weak mind. Just because we made him miss a couple innings the other night.

This visit is not going like I thought HELP.

Only Carol will get this ,sending out an sos sending out an sos!

Christine E. said...

Evening everyone:

Great post Ted--I think Sheff is crossing the line into Carl Everett territory--either that or his is a complete idiot (or, hell, maybe he is both!

Wedding went amazing--everyone had a FAB time....:-)

Hope everyone is well!

Go Sox!

HorshamScouse said...

//He is sick and of a weak mind.//
Seriously Ted, lay off the weakwaters.:)

CC said...

Ted - Release Scott immediately.

SH - Two weeks from tonight :)
Hope you're having a good time (as good a time that you can have with a baseball fanatic)- lol.

CC said...

And Congrats Christine!

Ted D said...

Horsham, I went and read through the posts until I found yours, and apology accepted: though as thick headed as I am I can't see what I did! Mis-spell something, or most likely, bad use of the apostrophe!

Kelly: I actually LIKE JD alot. He just makes for good material sometime! And you and your pictures are welcome anytime. ;)

Bub, I've been gone since 4:30. You could have escaped you know. And I'm sick because of all the extra stress of having to try and keep a 49 year old man entertained!!

Christine: very glad to hear the wedding went well. I gave you a little good luck comment in Thursday night's post. Sorry I didn't make it to put gravel in your hubcaps: blame Scott!

And Carol: he's been at my Mom's getting waited on hand and foot by my saint of a mother: he's fine!

Finally, Tek just hit a 2 run shot, and it's 6-4 Sox.

CC said...

"Hand and foot" Scott?- You misled us!

And 9-4 Sox now is even sweeter TD

Ted D said...

He's pretty good at doing that Carol!

And 9-4 is great: plus, it seems like everyone is coming alive. Manny, Papi, Lugo, Crisp have all hit well since the break.

CC said...

They probably feel like new men Ted (something Scott probably knows about)- lol

CC said...

And 9-4 is a wrap folks!

Ted D said...

Carol, unlike them, Scott is on a 5 month break: you've never seen a man so serene in your life!

CC said...

So Scotty is living the life of Riley ;)

Ted D said...

No Carol, Scott IS Riley!

CC said...

The jig is up SH.

Ted D said...

Carol, who are we kidding? He's 49: he went to bed 3 hours ago!

Man, am I glad to see a win that involved some serious run scoring by the good guy's. These 1 run games are murder on the stomach.

Stacy said...

Ted, I hadn't heard this story about Sheffield and his comments. But you're right (how many times are you going to hear me say THAT?), if he said those things, he does owe Torre and Jeter an apology.

I also agree with you about Scott; saw him last night pouring himself a big o' bowl of chips. I don't think he's too miserable. :)

scott h said...

They are all in on this! As we speak, Ted is thinking of ways to break my spirit.
The good news is my best buddy in all the world ,Peat Moss is on his way here. I am sure we will over take Ted and restore order to the land.
The chicklits and I have a plan to give Ted his make over this week.

Keep on rockin in the free world

Ted D said...

Scott, you are a paranoid man.

And for the last time: no make over's!

You and peat moss can come on over, sit on my back deck, and play dueling banjo's anytime you want!

Stacy, the man (Sheffield) is certifiable: Christine may be right on her Carl Everett comparison. Remind me to tell you about "Crazy" Carl someday.

KAYLEE said...


Tex said...

hey Ted...just checking in and letting you know im safe and sound at kellys. And the cute cop last night said i had a get out of jail card so i wont need bail money. :)

Ted D said...

Hi Tex! Glad you made it to Kelly's safe and sound. Sounds like you met a new friend too!

Hope you are having a great time, and enjoy the week! If you get a chance, I'm posting a new one later tonight: got a picture of the Three Amigos you might like to see!