Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Onward and Upward

*Picture from the Boston Globe*

There they are: the 2007 Boston Red Sox All-Stars, minus Big Papi: Scenic Lowell, Manny, Beckett, Pap's, and Okajima. Congratulations boys, you earned it.

All in all, a decent showing last night: Lowell played a little, Manny and Papi about as much, OKJ, thankfully, did not get in the game, and Beckett, thanks to an Ichiro inside the park homer, got the win.

Best part? Not one of them got hurt, though reports of Papi going to Boston to get an MRI on his knee don't exactly warm the cockles of my heart. Word is it would be after the season, but now I've got his knee to worry about, AS WELL as his hammy, his back, his heart, AND his weight? How much am I supposed to handle all at once?

Heading into the second half of the season, what's my biggest and most pleasant surprise? No trade talk out of the Manny camp: it's like he took a 162 game happy pill before the season started and is seemingly content to finish his Sox career in a muted silence.

A 10 game lead. Coco and Lugo remembering they are ballplayers and not members of the walking dead. Breakout years by Youk and Pedroia. All that, and we are still waiting for Papi and Manny to be, well, Papi and Manny.

Here's hoping for the following things to happen over the course of the rest of the season:

The aforementioned Dynamic Duo to bust out the whooping sticks and start being the most dangerous 3-4 hitters in the game today, Beckett and Daisuke win 20 games each, the Sox clinch the division by September 1st, and a brawl break out at a Sox/Yankee game, with Arod being dogpiled by the Sox bench, led by WMP, Hinske, and Cora. Then let Dougie top it off by doing the Andre the Giant "butt drop" on his face, and broadcast that image all over the free world.

Let it be written: Let it be so.


Mattie said...

Bro, you are one of a kind! I was shocked you didn't end with "I hope." You haven't used a Shawshank reference in a while.

I hope the boys keep it together. I can't say I'm not worried a bit. I hate breaks. Of course, the Cane's used the '06 Olympic Break to come back, tear through the NHL, and become Cup winners. Here's to the Sox doing the same.

Ted D said...

Listen, ye of little faith. You must BELIEVE. You must have faith in Tito and Theo, and you must have the unending hope that Manny and Tizzle start hitting balls over the Monster with great frequency.

Dude, with this pitching staff and a 10 game lead, they can BURY the AL East by 9-1-07. Here's to hoping we see a lot of the Pawtucket regulars in Baltimore on our trip. It would only mean one thing: we clinched.

Mattie said...

I'm going to be fushnizzled if we don't see some real playas in B-more!

Ted D said...

For schizzle, bro nizzle.

Is there anything more pathetic than two white guys trying to talk like Snoop?

It would be a GOOD thing Oat Bran, whether we like it or not.

Mattie said...

I know it would be a good thing, but our whole purpose in going in September was because the games might actually matter this year. Oh well.


Ted D said...

Yippei Yo, Yippie ye.

CC said...

"For schizzle, bro nizzle"

TD - Is that anything like 'schlemeel, schlemazel' on Laverne & Shirley?- lol. And you should pencil yourself right in that center gap, because you're an all-star too.

Tex said...

ifws i couds read the pst id rwerite some response tthat made snese. but icant so

Go sox

Christine E. said...

Evening everyone:

Have i ever mentioned how much I hate off days? And 3 in a row is just about as much as I can take....:-)

Not that I am going to be able to watch any baseball the next 2 days--going to be kind busy with something...can't remember what

We need another big bat--my greatest concern now if the offense--the pitching is fine, even without Schilling,, so when he comes back we'll be in even better shape...

Hope everyone is well!

Go Sox!

HorshamScouse said...

Clinched before your Baltimore trip would be amazing.

I'm with Christine, we could do with a reliable bat. WMP was supposed to be it but he's failed to develop while we had the double-digit cushion. Now we need production to make September a month for setting up the post season.

When's baseball?

Ted D said...

Carol, thank you for the very nice compliment, though I don't know if my pretending to be Snoop Dog is all star worthy!!

Tex, it looks like you had an interesting night. ;) Hopefully, you are feeling a tad better today.

Christine, one more day of freedom left: today ought to be pretty busy for you! Best wishes for tomorrow: I hope you have a great wedding day.

Horsham, I'll agree: we need another bopper: I think they'll make a run at someone, but I have no clue who it'll be. Lot's of names out there, but I guess we just have to wait and see.

Stacy said...

Bud, I don't know what Snoop Dogs is supposed to sound like, but I'm pretty sure you and Granola AREN'T it. :)

I do agree with you that it would be nice to get some whooping sticks out and clinch the division nice and early.

Oh yeah, and resign Mikey. :)

KAYLEE said...

//Word is it would be after the season, but now I've got his knee to worry about, AS WELL as his hammy, his back, his heart, AND his weight? How much am I supposed to handle all at once?//


Ted D said...

Stacy, I'll go along with you on Lowell.