Monday, July 16, 2007


*Picture from the Boston Globe*

While I'm hacked I missed the Munchkin and Manny's HR's in the 4th inning because of a stupid thunderstorm knocking my satellite out, I'm happy to report the Red Sox won 4-0 tonight.

Along with the aforementioned dingers, Papi joined the fun with a 2 run shot that JUST went around the Pesky Pole in RF, and that was all the runs "A Man called Kason" needed.

Complete game shutout. 3 hits. 8 K's. Dealing.

After the game, Tek gave him a playful head rub and way too many pats on the rear end for my taste, but what do I know? It's not like I'VE ever thrown a masterpiece like Kason Gabbard did tonight.

A 4-0 win and a game over before 9:30 p.m.?

Who are these guy's and what have they done with my "no game must be shorter than 4 hours" Red Sox team?

Oh well. I'll just do my happy dance and head to bed.

Life. Is. Good.


KAYLEE said...

I LOVE GABBARD:P was tex there?

Stacy said...

Glad the boys won. Did you see a very happy woman waving a huge Texas flag? :)

CC said...

Good morning Ted - I had the game on from the start, but was able to "hunker" down and really watch it right when the Munchkin & Manny got their homers. Sorry that you missed it! Have a nice day :)

Ted D said...

Stacy, I kept looking but no luck: she'll be at Wednesday's game, so maybe then.

Carol, I got to see the replay's, but it's not the same as watching it live: still, great game by Kason and 3 dinger's in one game is pretty sweet.

Hope you and D have a nice day as well.

Mattie said...

Tex must be in posts, no apprearances...we're all looking for ya Texas!

John said...

What a start...I was at the PawSox game, I couldn't belive the Red Sox game ended earlier than the PawSox game! They announced the final score in the 8th inning at Pawtucket.

Ted D said...

Mattie, she didn't take her laptop, so any computer access would be from the kindness of strangers I guess. She DID make the jumbotron last night: I'll email you the link!

John, it was a great start for him: I wonder if he'll stick in the rotation when Schilling comes back and they'll move Julian to the bullpen.

Christine E. said...

Evening Everyone..:-)

Well, Ted, if the Sox are going to fufill your prediction, they had better core those 8 runs and fast....Unfortunately, it seems like its par for the course in run support for Wake..:-(

And exactly how old were you when everyone asked you the pregnancy question? Probably ALOT younger than my 38 years...LOL

Back to writing a mountain of Thank you notes!

Go Sox!

KAYLEE said...


Ted D said...

Hi Christine, and yes, I was a bit younger. Got married at the ripe old age of 22, so you've got me there!

I have faith Christine: just need 7 more now. We've got 4 more inning's to make it happen.

Good luck with all the thank you notes!

Christine E. said...

Hey Kaylee: I got your note--what is this about surgery??

Ted: I almost got married at 23--smartest thing I ever did that I didn't..LOL

To quote a wise woman: WE NEED RUNS!!!

Go Sox!

Ted D said...

Christine, you and I have spoken about this: the knuckleball is a fickle mistress.

I keep the fair for another Mother's Day Miracle.

Glad you didn't: and I wish nothing but the best for you and your new family.

KAYLEE said...

ITS GOING TO BE Open heart surgery christine and that isnt a joke.I have severe heart failure,I was born with it.and havestupid doctors.:(

Christine E. said...


I think your score prediction may come true--just not the way we hoped...CRAP...

Thank you for your good wishes....:-) As soon as I get the link for my pictures, I will make sure to send it along

Go Sox!

Ted D said...

Yeah Christine: I'm afraid you may be right. And I'd love to see the pictures of your big day. So would Angie: I've been telling her about you getting married on Friday the 13th and she thinks you are either really confident or certifiable.

I'm trying to convince her you are just confident. ;)

Kaylee, I have no clue what to say: just that I'll say a prayer for you if you have the surgery.

Christine E. said...


Never thought for a minute you would joke about something like that..

I'm with Ted: positive vibes a prayers around...:-)

KAYLEE said...

TED I SWEAR ITS TRUE!I am veryy nervous about it though