Thursday, July 19, 2007

Back from the Edge

*Picture from the Boston Globe*

After a restful 5 hours of sleep, working all day, and having to endure listening to Stephen A. Smith sub for Dan Patrick on the radio today, you'd think I would still be, as Carol said last night, riding the train to insanity.

However, the Yankees lost to the Blue Jays earlier today, and all of a sudden, I think I may be back to normal: nothing like a Yankee loss and getting to hear their HORRIBLE radio guy John Sterling go into the fetal position to brighten your day.

So, even with the .500 play over the last 6 weeks or so, even with losing two of three to the juggernaut known as the Kansas City Royals, and JD out AGAIN tonight with a bad hammy, here are 5 reasons that the Red Sox are still making me smile.

1. Manny and Papi have been swinging the big bats since the All Star break, and are settling into their role as the leaders of the hit parade.

2. Pitching. Starting and relieving has been lights out, led by Beckett, Timlin (yeah: the old dog still got some bite left in him), OKJ, and Pap. Good pitching beats good hitting in the playoffs, and ours shows no signs of slowing down. A an added plus, Schilling is due back in around 10 days: how many teams can pick up a Hall of Famer at the trade deadline?

3. The emergence of Pedie and Youk as everyday, solid, good hitting, slick fielding ball players. You could see it in Youk, but I'll admit the Munchkin had me worried the first month. God Bless Tito for having more faith in him than me.

4. Mike Lowell has made me ALMOST forget about Billy Mueller and the great job he did in the years he was in Boston. Leads the team in RBI, makes the hardest play look routine, and rocks the baddest facial hair in the Major Leagues.

5. Finally, Manny being Manny. Seriously: he started making snow angels in the outfield the other night after catching a diving line drive.

How can anyone NOT love Manny?


KAYLEE said...

I agree with that post 100% but dont complain about not enough sleep go to the hospital for 10 hours at 1am then come back and complain to me:)

Christine E. said...

Evening everyone:

Isn't it amazing how a Yankee loss makes everyone step away from the Tobin Bridge

We NEED to win tonight!

Hope everyone is well

Go Sox!

Ted D said...

Evening Christine: it's 1-1 right now in the second, and that rain delay liked to have killed me.

Got to while away the 2 hours with Scotty though, along with Rakes and "let's play 20 questions" so it was all good.


CC said...

Hope that Rakie asked 20 good questions :D

And I think that Manny learned that snow angel thing from touchdown-scoring NFL players!

Also, if the Sox are going to keep us up late, I hope that they at least win!

Christine E. said...

I did not get home until later and then had some stuff to do, so the later start actually works better for me this evening

Not that there is any chance I will actually stay awake for the whole game...LOL

Sounds like you are really enjoying your time with Cheerios...;-)

Go Sox!

Ted D said...

Carol, it was more like the same question, only asked 20 different ways! He's only met his Uncle Scott 4 times now, and until last Christmas, was too small to remember him. However, he now thinks Uncle "Tott" hung the moon!

They'll win: I've got a feeling.

Christine, you are 37 and a newlywed: you can make it until 12 am! I'm 37 with 3 kids and look 67: if I can do it, YOU can!

KAYLEE said...

//Also, if the Sox are going to keep us up late, I hope that they at least win!//

OH CMON, keep the faith they will and if i am staying up this late you are too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!