Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Found: A FIFTH Horseman of the Apocolypse

Yep: that's my boy going commando while riding his hobby horse.

Notice the look of bewilderment his little brother is giving him: even the 15 month old thinks he's certifiable.

One of Angie's good friends brought her two boys over to swim today, and after only a short time with Rakes, you can see they get it as well: they are as far away from The Naked Cowboy as they can be and still be in the picture.

Right before they left, the youngest boy got some candy and told Angie: "Give this one to Ciera and this one to that naked kid"!

I can only imagine the story he will tell his Dad and Grandparent's about the crazy kid he saw today: I swear between all the bruises on Trots head and Rakes and his "streaker" compulsion, I have no doubt I'll be getting a visit from social services one day.

Watching the All Star game tonight, and while it's a glorified exhibition, I'll be hoping Papi, Manny, Beckett, Lowell, Okajima, and Papelbon firstly don't get hurt, and secondly, do well.

Finally, for all the criticism of MLB, from steroid's, to cancelling a World Series, to one of these same All Star games ending in a tie, they do get some things right. Giving one of the greatest living player's that kind of honor at his home park was a GREAT decision. It was a very moving tribute to a great player, and from all accounts, an even better man.

Hopefully, all the players on the field with him took the time to shake the hand of the Say Hey Kid, Willie Mays.


KAYLEE said...

I am just hoping to see arod get hurt.

Mattie said...

I seem to remember Rakes' dad running around the house in his underoos with a drumstick stuck in them as a sword. Hmmm...ya think that's in the DNA?

Tex said...

i love Dalton stories!!!! Ted...Rakes is gonna kick YOUR BUTT when he's 18 :)

KAYLEE said...


Ted D said...

Don't forget the fireman hat and the vaccum cleaner hose playing "Emergency".

Let's just hope Caroline doesn't want to play with He Man toys or GI Joe's, young Skywalker.

Or play with a lighter and hairspray in a barn full of hay.

Or dump a bottle of baby oil in the bathtub.

I've got a million of them: be NICE to me little brother!

Peter N said...

That's such a PERFECT PICTURE! The expressions? Priceless. You're a lucky guy! Peter

Stacy said...

I'm staying out of the "when we were kids" stories. I don't want to go there. :)

Great tribute to Willie Mays. Don't throw anything at me, but why do they call him the Say Hey kid? I don't know the story behind the name.

BTW, Jared saw A-Rod and said "there's Slappy McBlue Lips." I told Keith, "That's my boy." :)

CC said...

Howdy Ted - I believe that the "naked cowboy" works in New York City, so Rakie may have some competition lol! Has Scott arrived yet?- Tell him that a new show right up our alley premiered last night on NBC - The Singing Bee. There's also a copy-cat version tonight on FOX "Don't Forget the Lyrics" - I don't think SH would :)

Ted D said...

Carol, his daughters flew in yesterday, and he and the rest drive in Thursday, so he'll be around come Friday.

And a NY Cowboy is not match for my whirling dervish!

Stacy said...

Why is Willie Mays called the "Say Hey" kid?

(see previously ignored post) :)

Ted D said...

Sorry Stacy. From Wickepedia:

One story is that Barney Kremenko, a writer for the New York Journal heard Mays blurt "'Say who,' 'Say what,' 'Say where,' 'Say hey.'" As a result, Kremenko penned him the 'Say Hey Kid' in 1951.[22]

The other story is that Jimmy Cannon created the nickname. According to this account, When Mays arrived in the majors, he did not know everyone's name. "You see a guy, you say, 'Hey, man. Say hey, man,' " Mays said. "Ted was the 'Splinter'. Joe was 'Joltin' Joe'. Stan was 'The Man'. I guess I hit a few home runs, and they said there goes the 'Say Hey Kid.'"[23]

I had heard the second version before, not the first.

KAYLEE said...

THANKS for that info Ted!

Stacy said...

Thank you! Now I know a little more baseball trivia than when I got up today! :)

BTW, Cousin Jerry watched the All Star game today. (he recorded last night). Ichiro's in the park homer was pretty sweet.

Ted D said...

De Nada Sis:

Did you notice he wasn't even breathing hard after that? An inside the park home run, and Ichiro looks like he just took the dog for a walk.