Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Did that REALLY just happen?

Yeah bud: I can't believe it either. The Sox just beat the Indians 1-0, with Youk scoring the only run and Lowell driving him in.

What a pitchers duel: Daisuke goes 7, with OKJ and Pap taking care of the 8th and 9th for the Sox.

Meanwhile, CC Sabathia and his crooked hat matched Matsuzaka pitch for pitch, with a couple of trapped balls being the difference. If I were just a casual fan, this would have been a great game to watch. As someone with a vested interest in the game, I need some Maloxx: STAT.

Just a classic game across the board, with near-misses and great defensive plays making up the difference: bottom line though, is a win is a win is a win. Doesn't matter if you win by 1 or by 10, it counts the same. Thankfully, the Sox came out on top in this one.

Beckett goes for win number 14 tomorrow: and not to toot my own horn, but go back to the first ever post at RedSoxDad and take a peek:

I called this year back in December: my next pet is getting named Beckett.


Nancy said...

Pet? Not another son or daughter? :)

KAYLEE said...

when do you plan on getting this pet?

Tex said...

Ted we are reading each others minds....I really swear this. I was thinking this week after I saw Beckett's win at Fenway...what a cool name a son's name would be or a pet's name to be named Beckett.

I am NOT lying I pinky swear!!! course I aint gonna have no more kids. I got me a Beckett shirt now :)

Ted D said...

Hey Nancy!

Yeah, I've been informed that my brood will be limited to three:

However, I think another trip to Red Lobster and I could have a third son named Beckett.

Sadly, this is all just wishfull thinking on my part: I'm afraid to broach the subject. My wife has a mean streak.

Thank you for commenting: I've been jealous of Miles all this time!

Ted D said...

Tex, this is getting REALLY weird: If I get a dog before you, I claim the right to the name Beckett!

KAYLEE said...

wait and you still think he wins the cy young????????????

::ducks and hides::

Tex said...

i say Beckett I and Beckett II

or better yet...I'll name mine JP
Joshua Patrick :)

btw new post of mine

Stacy said...

You obviously forget that I'm reading this blog. Your wife does NOT have a mean streak.

And, I don't think 20 trips to Red Lobster will get you another child.:)

However, Beckett is a VERY cool name. Maybe Matt could use it if they have a son someday......

Mattie said...

Sis, c'mon. You know my wife. There is NO WAY she would go for naming our children after any ballplayer. I can't even get "Patrick" after the great Patrick Roy (hockey-nerd. sorry) up for consideration. Looks like the only Beckett in the family will be Ted's next goldfish.

Tex said...

i think i could just name my truck Beckett: Fierce, Tough and Hard to Control :)

Ted D said...

Stacy, I have my ways: how do you think I married her: My good looks and winning personality?

Hockey nerd, hockey nerd! Though the name Patrick is pretty sweet.

Tex: that description of your truck sounds a lot like you!

Tex said...

Ted you're follow well. No wonder Angie picked you :)

Ted D said...

//Ted you're smart//

Gotta admit: I don't hear THAT everyday.

Tex said...

you're also slow...I was being sarcatic silly :)

i have a new post

but posted to you in my Walden pond post

Ted D said...

I'll now go to the posted post to see your posted comment, then to the new post to post a comment.

I think I got that right.

Stacy said...

Ted, she was telling you "you follow well".

Stop taking Tex's posts and twisting them around to make you look smart. :)