Friday, July 27, 2007

I AM Kevin McCallister

Ang and the kids leave in the morning for a week long "holiday" (Thanks Horsham) to Myrtle Beach with my in-laws.

I'll be home by myself, working and watching the Red Sox all week, and eating dinners composed of pizza rolls, Hot Pockets, and leftover pizza.

I'll also have the whole house to myself, keeping the tv on NESN and ESPN unless the game is on AND getting on the computer before 9 at night.

Also, I won't have to pick up the same 100 toys every 10 minutes, referee the latest Rakes vs Trot UFC match, and listen to Ciera scream "GET OUT OF MY ROOM" to either one of the boys for a week.

Angie will have to fend for herself in getting them fed, cleaned up, bathed, read to, and in bed every night while I'll be at home living the life of a bachelor for the first time in 15 years.

And I already miss them, and they aren't even gone yet: this is gonna be a LONG week.

Have fun guys: and Dad loves you.


Tex said...

wwooooootie i canjt rwrite muchya more

Ted D said...

It's OK Tex: I appreciate the effort!

Stacy said...

Please...just one night hit K&W on your way home and eat some vegetables. :)

Hope you enjoy you "quiet time". Angie assured me she would have plenty of help with the boys. Apparently Uncle Marty and Rakes have a great time together. :) That girl needs a rest, too.

Oh, and for the record, they still scream "GET OUT OF MY ROOM" at 15. Sorry.

Ted D said...

Whoever is posting as Stacy: who are you and what have you done with my sister?

Because the Stacy I know has been asleep for the past 2 hours.

Can't promise K&W, but will go for Cracker Barrell: it'll have to do in a pinch.

Mattie said...

Fried Catfish does not constitute a healthy meal, Pizza Roll. Ever heard of a salad?

HorshamScouse said...

Bachelorhood isn't all it's cracked up to be. OTOH you do get to slug out in your pyjamas all day. (Another new word? I speak Hindi like a native.... of Liverpool:))

Enjoy your free time and don't pine too much.

Ted D said...

Mattie, I may get the country ham instead of catfish, so there.

Horsham, all I've got to say is thank the good lord for the Red Sox: I can just sort of focus on them for the day, and that should help.

Stacy said...

It was really me...just couldn't sleep yet. :)

Ted D said...

Stacy, c'mon: you were NOT up at 11:30. That's gotta be a personal record.

beckperson said...

What will we do without Rakes and Trot stories for an entire week? :-)

Enjoy your week, Ted! You deserve it. Let's just hope the Sox keep you well entertained to keep you from being lonesome.

KAYLEE said...

ted no cooking for you besides microwave?

Ted D said...

Hey becks: don't worry, I'll be getting live updates from Myrtle Beach multiple times a day. Rakes + Trot+ Ciera+ the beach = chaos, so I'm sure I'll still have some stories!

I'm gonna give it my best shot, but something tells me I'll be a mess by Wednesday.

Kaylee, microwave and fast food: diet of champions.

Mattie said...

Something tells me you'll be a mess by Sunday.

And hey, you can't be Kevin McCallister...that's what everybody used to call me

Ted D said...

Corn Meal, what are you doing indoors on a Saturday? I thought today was bird watching/organize your recycables by color day.

Tex said...

Im so jealous Ang is in MB...thats my fathers hometown where we go for family reunions every year..nice to visit

Ted D said...

Ms. Texas, you'd best come by for a visit next time you hit MB.

Christine E. said...

Evening everyone....:-)

Hope you enjoy your bachelorhood week...But you mean to tell me you can't do better than Hot pockets and microwave food?

Cracker Barrel has the BEST breakfast in the whole world...:-)

Off to see Jon Lester pitch..whooo hoo!

Here is the link to my wedding pictures, if you're interested..:-)

Hope everyone is well...

Go Sox!

Ted D said...

Hi Christine: and I can make a few things myself: tacos, eggs and bacon, grill, etc.. just too lazy!

Thanks for the link to the pictures: definately will be looking at the happy day.

Here we go Red Sox, here we go.

Clap Clap

KAYLEE said...

IF LESTER WINS THIS ONE I AM WEARING HIS JERSEY EVERY game he pitches.he won when i did it lat time:)

Ted D said...

Christine, your wedding looked beautiful: I've saved the link so Angie can look when she gets back.

You made a beautiful bride: question? Were you crying just walking down the isle?

Christine, there's no crying in baseball!