Tuesday, February 12, 2008

It's almost here

Almost 4 months ago, the Red Sox won the World Series for the second time in 4 years.

Right at that very instant, Jonathan Papelbon grabbed his catcher's rear end.

Why? Who knows? I've decided that trying to figure out Pap does about as much good as trying to determine why Rakes can't go to the bathroom without taking his shirt off. I'm honestly concerned he'll be the only High School Jr. who has to go to the bathroom topless.

My team won the World Series; Pap could pants Tito at home plate for all I care.

Thursday the 14th, pitchers and catchers officially report. However, I've already heard reports that Josh Beckett, Clay Buchholz, Daisuke, Craig Hansen, and Jon Lester are already in camp and ready to go. Which tells me one thing; they are ready to get started on defending the championship they earned last year.

So this post will be the last one I use a picture on from 2007; from here on out, any Red Sox pictures I put up will be from 2008. 'Cause if they're ready to move forward, then by God, so am I.

Unless I find a REALLY good one over at Kelly's that I haven't used yet.

Here's to 2008.

The Year Of The Beckett.


Tex said...

\\The Year Of The Beckett.//

You aint Joshin'!!!!

look forward Im telling ya forward.

Baseball is HERE!!!!!!!!!!

Wayne's World said...

Freakin A man! Freakin A! 10 hours!!! REJOICE!!!

Ted D said...

You said it, Tex.

Baseball is here.

Wayne, not rejoice.


scott h said...

Oh come on, we haven't even got to
Stanley Cup yet.

Fair warning Tex .Bob Dylan is coming to Dallas end of the month and I am coming with him.

Ted D said...

Bub, you are actually driving 4 hours to Dallas to see Dylan?

I'm impressed.

And more than a little scared.

Tex said...

I saw Dylan last Sept in Austin. He really didnt put on that great a concert.

and how come Stanley has a cup? and what does he use it for?

scott h said...

If Dylan gets within 4hrs Im there.

scott h said...

Yes Stanley has a cup. Its to remind all the rest of the wan-ta be Champions they don't have the marbles to play a real sport.

If Dylan is performing its a show.

Ted D said...

Bub, the guy is a GREAT song writer. I'll give you that. But I can sing better than him, and I suck. Big time.

Tex, I think Lord Stanley needs a cup to protect the little Stanley's.

Or something like that.

Ted D said...

Bub, that guy who got his throat cut is sick. How in the WORLD did he skate to the bench?

And why don't those dinks wear some sort of protection around the neck?

You know that cardboard thing that is in a new dress shirt? THAT would have helped.

Tex said...

seriously who IS Stanley?

Im sure Dylan was once really good. actually Ive talked to others who saw him YEARS ago and he is brilliant as a song writer...but performer..NOT...but at least i get to say I saw him in my lifetime :)

Ted D said...

Lord Byrun Stanley, Tex.

Not sure who he is or what he did.

I'll let the puckheads, aka Scott and Matt, fill us in.

They ain't Cy Young, I'll tell you that. Or Josh Beckett.

Tex said...

\\They ain't Cy Young, I'll tell you that. Or Josh Beckett.//

i mean how come they dont win a trophy like all the rest of the sports? why the heck is there a CUP? i mean I thought a cup was what they wore to protect themselves? perhaps they need to wear it on their necks.

Ted D said...

Well, in their defense, Tex.

They do drink adult beverages out of that cup. For a whole year.

The World Series trophy can't say that.

Tex said...

drink OUT of the cup?? id rather shower champagne and beer all over each other all year than all drink out of the same cup.

to each his own. and then there's Scott

Ted D said...


And then there is Scott.

Well said, Tex.

Tree Newt said...

He skated to the bench because he's a hockey player. I'm surprised he didn't put tape on it and come back and score the game winner.

A guy did that once with a BROKEN leg...left the game, taped up, came back and scored the winner.

THAT, my friend, is marbles.

Ted D said...


Jack Youngblood played an entire Super Bowl with a broken leg.

Tell your Euro to get in line.

Though that guy gets bonus points for skating to the bench. Tough has a new definition.

scott h said...

A cup with your name on it. So 50freaking years from now some hoser doesn't say, I pitched one inning every 8 games only in months ending with a y and I won a world series ring. Thats the bog difference. Dylan Rocks.

Ted D said...

What in the Sam Hill is a bog?

Bub, you have to at least spell correctly for your righteous indignation act to play well.

BTW, women's figure skating gets better ratings than Hockey.

I'm just sayin'.

scott h said...

Newt where have you been? Help me out, get your marble counter out. Count how many you find on a diamond and how many on the ice.

scott h said...

When I am spewing I don't have time for spellcheck. Dawn can kiss my, never mind. Dylan rocks

Ted D said...

How many what?

Guys without teeth?

Guys with sliced jugular veins?

Or guys who can throw 99 mph and put it RIGHT where they want too?

scott h said...

Im also Irish. So boggers to you.

Dylan rocks

scott h said...


Dylan rocks

scott h said...

You are up kinda late JR.

Ted D said...

No denying Dylan rocks.

As a writer.

As a singer? Rakes and his speech impediment can outsing Dylan.

Tex said...

Ted. let scott win. he's old. :)

nite ya

Tex said...

what i mean to say is he's your elder.

scott h said...

Speaking of cups and stuff. Why does that guy named Joshy have his hands all over that other guys butt. Never happen in hockey

scott h said...

I think we call that, flying your flag.

Bickley said...

Hah. If Beckett gets any better, I don't think I'll be able to stand it! This should be the year that the Sox become...what..the fourth team to ever repeat? Am I right?

Ted D said...

Bub, had to get to bed. Some of us have jobs we have to get too. So I took Tex's advice and gave up.

Hey bickley; welcome. Thanks for stopping by. Scary thing is, Beckett CAN get better.

One more day.

Tree Newt said...

Man, I obviously went to bed way too early. That was one of the best threads I've seen in a while. Bub was out of control, popping out one liners like Jerry Seinfeld on speed. Tex and Ted were blasting away with their entire arsenal. Classic stuff.

But I'm with Bub. When it comes to marbles, you can't compare a hockey player and a baseball player. Except for maybe catchers and goalies, who have got to be the craziest men on the planet for being willing to stand in front of something hurtling at them at 100mph.

And as for the cup vs. the WS ring, there is NO competition there. A team must lodge 16 wins over 4 seven game series to get the Cup. Your stars play everynight. There is no rotation to set up. It's get in there and take care of business, every game. Not knocking what the Sox did last year, by any means, but the road to Stanley is mostly gravel and grit. Stanley wins, hands down.

scott h said...

Newt, that was beautiful. Makes me get kinda teary eyed just reading it.

Edge of Design said...

The best hockey? Has to be Small Town Canada. It would be better if they banned the parents and politics though. It's the heart of the players there that rock!
Where small towns here in the USA have waffle houses, small towns in Canada have curling and hockey rinks.
Please don't ask me to explain curling though because I never did get the hang of that one.

scott h said...

Teds gone, lets talk hockey all day on HIS blog.

Edge of Design said...

How 'bout them Hurricanes? How 'about them Habs?

Tex said...

hey im not blasting hockey. i just dont understand the concept of a 'cup' as an award. And true hockey players continuous play hard dirtdog more than most position baseball players exception catchers and Trot, Coco, Mueller, Youk, Ellsbury, Hinske, Lowell...anyway...

Im back and aint letting ScottieBoy take over

Redbeard76 said...


Beckett goes 22-2 this season. True story.

Tex said...


i got tickets for all 3 games in the Red Sox vs Astros series in Houston.

Ted D said...

Newt, like Tex, I'm not knocking the hockey guys. The fact that animal skated to the bench with his artery severed tells you all you need to know about his toughness. One of the best movies I've seen is Mystery, Alaska about the outdoor hockey team that played the Rangers. So I agree with Edge's point, too.

Tex, thanks for keeping your eye on the place for me and not letting Scott stage a coup while I was gone.

Stephen, I like the way you think, man. Sounds good to me.

Way to go, TEX!!! WOOOOOOOOOT!!!

~**Dawn**~ said...

The Year of the Beckett. So let it be written, so let it be done.