Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Old School meets New School

For the first time I can recall, the dink who owns the Texas Rangers, Tom Hicks, made a smart move; he hired Nolan Freaking Ryan to be the team President.

Before today, Hicks was the genius who gave Slappy a $250 million dollar contract when the next best offer was only about $100 million less. He also gave Chan Ho Park about $66 million and Darren Dreifort roughly the gross annual revenue of Peru. Who's Darren Dreifort you ask? Exactly my point.

Hiring Ryan won't make a huge difference; He''s under the GM Jon Daniels, and they both have to report to Hicks, who has about as much of a clue as Col. Clink, so I don't expect any big changes.

Although when you bring in a Hall of Famer with 7 no hitters, 12 one hitters, 18 two hitters 5,714 strikeouts, pitched 27 years, and won 324 games, you're sending a message. A message that says the culture of losing is GONE.

Besides, as I inch toward 40 I've developed a newfound respect for the older guys who've played the game. How can you not love a guy who welcomed a fight with a guy half his age?

Robin Ventura learned the hard way; you don't tug on Supermans cape, you don't spit into the wind, and you absolutely don't mess with Nolan Freaking Ryan. Besides, if it gets too bad, he could probably suit up at the age of 61 and still be better than 2/3rds of the Rangers staff.

In other news, Ciera left her glitter make up out, Trot found it, and redecorated the comforter in our bedroom. Plus Ciera flipped over riding her skateboard and has a huge cut on her head, Rakes peed in his pants 4 times today, and Trot dumped an entire bowl of Fruit Loops on the kitchen floor tonight.

I have no clue how my wife isn't living in a padded room somewhere by now.


Wayne's World said...

I had almost forgotten about Darren's contract HAHAHA! For the short term, Ryan's appointment won't help them to win that division. Anaheim has it in the bag I think. Long term though, Ryan can't help but have a positive influence on the staff. ONe has to wonder if Clemens will end up doing much the same as Nolan, but for the Astros (Post Mitchell Report Fall-out of course).

Tex said...

DANG YOU. I cant believe you steal my TEXAS stories!!! Ive been so busy all day and tonight working on projects. I briefly read it and thought later tonight Id do something. oh i still will but now I gotta really be creative and pull a rabbit out of the hat

Ted D said...

Hey Wayne, Happy Anniversary.

That Dreifort contract was the prime example of bad FO moves.

I agree; short term it means nothing. The Angels are too good and too deep, but maybe it can change that culture of losing they can't seem to break.

I can see Clemens having a similar role, IF it's proven his DNA isn't in those syringes McNamee showed up with today.

Ted D said...

Sorry, Tex. We really should call each other before we post. It's pretty bizarre we have the same ideas as much as we do.

I've always admired Ryan, and he was one of my favorites growing up. What an old school, red a** pitcher he was.

Tex said...

and he's classy. roger cant hold a candle to nolan's integrity.

Ted D said...

THAT is the truth, Tex.

Nolan Ryan is an icon.

scott h said...

What up. Tex I just talked to a buddy who said he met a lady from Texas. She drank like a fish and talked like a sailor. i guess it wasn't you.

Jr I have been waiting for you to buy all my Ryan stuff.

Tree Newt said...

If I recall, we had the pleasure of seeing Mr. Ryan pitch when we were kids, no? Of course, it could have been anybody, for all I knew. I was more excited about getting ice cream in the little batting helmet cups.


And bro, that's what you get for letting her have makeup. Not me. We're going back to Grandpa Dalton's rules in this house: no haircuts, no makeup, no "ear bobs", and dresses only. At least until she's 30.

Krystle THE Red Sox Oasis said...

awwwh. I remember having glitter make up at her age! I just never had siblings who got a hold of it though.

everytime i hear nolan ryan, i think of one of the most clasic conversations with don and jerry in a long time. jerry was a victim of a no-hitter and he was telling don about it.

jerry - don, how many hits did i have?
don - i dont know
jerry - was a no hitter, i didn't have any
don - *after a long pause* was that a trick question?

yeah sorry about this rambling entry, i've only slept for an hour. we somehow have a thunderstorm here and my dog HATES thunderstorms and the room he loves to go into - yeah my room.

so as of the hours of 10PM - 1245AM, i've slept all of 20 minutes. i hope i have a snow day!

Ted D said...

I'm not buying all your Nolan Ryan stuff; I just happen to like the guy.

Mattie, I used to talk like you about my daughter. It didn't last; the Mom's today are too independent and won't back you up. But good luck with all that.

Krystle, Remy and Orsillo need their own variety show; classic comedy every night.

Tex said...

i do NOT talk like a sailor. arrgggggggghhhhhhhhh :)

oh yah and ted I love it when kids teach other kids lessons without saying a word

Ted D said...

Morning Tex.

Hope you're feeling better today.

Redbeard76 said...

Nolan Ryan was the man. Too bad he never played for the Sox. It appears he still pitches with the same form he did in his younger days, but I almost didn't recognize his face in the first picture. Has it been that long that he's been away from the game?

~**Dawn**~ said...

Uh oh... Schill is coming up lame before pitchers & catchers even report...

Redbeard76 said...

Hey as long as he's ok by post-season, that's fine by me. That's when he really has his stuff anyway.

Opening rotation: (possibly?)


Works for me.

Ted D said...

Stephen, I think he retired at 45?, so he's gotta be 60, 61? But I'm with you, it didn't seem like it was that long ago.

Dawn, I heard that on my way back home about Schilling; haven't had a chance to read about it, but I'm not a happy camper right now. We'll see how it plays out Stephen, but if he could be ready in September, it may be OK.

That rotation looks pretty good to me, even without Schilling.

scott h said...

Report: Red Sox tried to void Schilling's deal.

Translation: Thanks for the Ring, hit the road you dink.

Ted D said...

Bub, I saw that. I've gotta believe they examined him, right? So this shouldn't be news to them, or it's something that happened since the deal.

I don't blame them for trying, but I don't like it if it's true.