Monday, February 11, 2008


*Picture courtesy of Kelly*

$3 million dollars a year for a Gold Glove owning, no error having First Baseman coming off a year when hit .288 with 16 homers, 83 RBIs and 35 doubles to go along with a .390 on-base percentage. Throw in the fact he looks like an extra from Deliverance, grinds out each at bat like it's the last one he'll ever have, and causes opposing pitchers such aggravation they apparently can't help but throw at his head, and you're making a case for him being grossly underpaid.

Every team has a guy like Youk; somebody so intense and focused you either love him or hate him. Ask any self respecting Yankee fan and they'd tell you if Paul O'Neil had played on another team while they were winning championships in the late 90's, they'd have hated the guys guts. Instead, he's considered one of the key players that helped them dominate the rest of baseball.

Think about it: the Yankees had O'Neil, the Mets had, well, everyone of those scuzzbags caused feelings of intense hatred, and the Dalton Family has Rakes.

One of those obnoxious, never give in and never, EVER, give up guys who shake their head at called strike one, mutter an expletive at called strike two, and bounce their helmet off of home plate while loudly protesting called strike three. Youk is THAT guy for the Red Sox; and while there are times I want to tell him to just shut up and get back to the dugout, part of me loves his fire.

One big reason I admire his psycho mannerisms so much is I'm raising two miniature Youk's myself. One thinks playing Star Wars on the PS2 is a matter of life or death, while the other one only shows his "Youkness" when he wants food.

I realize it'll only get worse, but for now, whenever they get a case of "showingmytailitis", I just tell myself they are channeling their inner Youkilis and all is well.

By the way, THAT particular thought process?

It's really not working.


Tex said...


G rated version.

over and out.

Ted D said...

You got it, Tex. It's the G rated version of "Showing the Red***".

The perils of a Dad to a 9 year old rear it's ugly head.


Edge of Design said...

I had a chance to catch up on some of your blogs. Pace yourself man! You've got the teenage years on the horizon. Would you like a brown paper back for your hyperventilating? Seriously, though, I'm sure when it's all said and done, your children will be pillars of faith for they will have learned it from their folks. Hang in there! The best is yet to be!

Stacy said...

Nothing wrong with have a little Youk in the boys. They are Daltons after all. :)

I have only one question:

WHY does Rakes have his shoes on with his pj's? :)

Was he going to do a few laps around the house to wind down before bed?

Ted D said...

Edge, "your children will be pillars of faith?"

More like pillars of salt.

Stacy, your guess is as good as mine. He probably saw something on Star Wars and that was the closest thing he could find.

Tex said...

\\WHY does Rakes have his shoes on with his pj's? :)//

Stacy. truly you are his aunt. I only know Rakes through reading and an occasional talk on the phone. WHY does Rakes do ANYTHING?? is the Question.

Ted D said...

It's just Rakes being Rakes.

Tex said...

so basically we should just never question him. or if you do...expect that 'look' from him when he tells you his perfectly logical answer

Ted D said...

Exactly, Tex.

He's got a bunch of different looks, too.

One for each story. ;)

Tex said...

Rakes will probably grow up to be a Youth Pastor. you know the kind...terrorize adults all their life then straighten up so they can be this great influence on a kids the kids of the parents he terrorized :)

Ted D said...


Sorry, Tex. Did you say Youth Pastor? Well, that would be a HUGE step up from career criminal, which is where I've got him slotted as of now. ;)

Tex said...

believe me...he is just practicing in those shoes so he can relate to all kinds of kids. Rakes will be fine. Now Trot may run off to the circus but Rakes will be fine ;)

Ted D said...

Trot in the circus has some merit, Tex.

I could actually see that happening.