Friday, February 15, 2008

Take It. Take Another Little Piece Of My Heart.

Ciera came home with a hand-made Valentine card and two paper roses from some young punk in her 4th grade class today. The fact I like this kid, he's in Honor Classes, and looks like some smaller version of that kid in Sling Blade is beside the point.

As I've repeatedly informed her, her DAD is her only Valentine and it will remain that way until she reaches the age of 30 or I kick the bucket. Whichever comes first.

Thankfully, she doesn't actually like this little home wrecker and I'm really hoping her and the Red Sox fanatic who wears at LEAST one piece of Red Sox clothing each day make a Love Connection. Only like I said, when she's older and I've, you know, expired.

Every day it seems like a little bit of my baby girl leaves and a small part of the young lady she's turning into takes it's place. Seems like yesterday I was rocking her to sleep and today she's whispering on the phone to her friends, going to Valentine dances at school, and turning her Dad into a blubbering mess.

Funny: none of the parenting books Ang made me read ever said anything about how to deal with my little Princess breaking my heart. Miss Joplin may have been singing about something else, but this Dad can empathize with those lyrics.

At least there is one thing that can take some of the sting away when I get slapped in the face with the reality my baby girl is growing up, and there isn't a freaking thing I can do about it.

Like some 4th dimension of 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon, it all comes back to baseball.

It's the circle of life.

Sort of.


Tex said...

\\and it will remain that way until she reaches the age of 30 \//


Joplin reference is MUCH appreciated. and the pic of Timmy and Timlin are too!! :)

and it DOES come back to baseball. Always.

Ted D said...

Don't you try and ruin my plan, Tex.

It WILL remain that way until she's 30. And if you try and tell me otherwise, I'm going to run around in circles with fingers in ears shouting "I CAN'T HEAR YOU, LALALALALALALA".

Figured you'd like the Joplin reference. ;)

Tex said...

fine. ill not speak of it again. just dont call me whining when she breaks your heart.

Baseball is here. Finally.

over and out for now. sleep is calling

Ted D said...

Too late, Tex.

But it's OK. I've got the boys to look forward too.



Tree Newt said...




Ted D said...

What are you babbling about, old brittle bones?

You've got a daughter; just you wait.

Tree Newt said...

Bro there was a little guy Caroline's age at church who kept trying to hug and kiss her, and I was ready to freak. I hope the Lord comes back before she actually starts dating. I don't think I can take it.

Krystle THE Red Sox Oasis said...

Oh come on, it's CUTE that she has a Valentine on Valentine's Day. What are you going to do her FIRST DATE?!

Baseball is totally back with a 2 hour special of the practices today on NESN. Yup we're back.

Edge of Design said...

Oh just give it a bit more time when the "independence" kicks in full swing. Be still MY heart!

Dd has a sweet friend. His mother has them married already. He and his cousin fought this summer over who's girlfriend she is.

~**Dawn**~ said...

I think this is why my dad wished really hard that my youngest brother Zach had been a Rebecca. ;-) Not that we don't all love him of course.

Lookit that photo of Wakey & Timlin. Oh that is just so easy on a girl's eyes...

Tex said...

Watching the Live Report from Spring Training...well its a post showing of the Live Report...Woooooohooooo!!!

scott h said...

Jr We have had this conversation before. I am two daughters ahead of you so. You can enjoy it and be a part of it or you can play the role of the backwoods, cousin kissing ,redneck I have a gun and know how to use it Dad.

And they will still date, kiss boys and break your heart. But they will have the boys pick them up at the corner cause my Dad is home.

Or this can all be a part of your blog personality and its just for the laughs.

Tree Newt said...

I am going to provide something this blog has been missing - genuine, unadulterated wisdom. Be a Yankee fan.

NY Yankees are the Best so Ted get over it

Tree Newt said...

Ted and everyone else:

That last comment was written by my beloved Father-in-law. Please do not block me from the blog or disown me.

Tree Newt

~**Dawn**~ said...

Tree Newt: Let your father-in-law know that I will be forwarding my therapist bill. ;-)

Ted D said...

Sorry I'm late in responding. This work stuff blows.

Matt and Scott, I'm going with th gun. End of story.

Krystle, simple; she won't date.

Edge, I'm like an ostrich being chased by a lion; stick my head in the sand and pray it's over quick.

Tex, forgot that was on and didn't set the DVR. ::weeps::

Bub, I answered before but I don't know how you've kept your sanity with two grown daughters and another one coming right behind them.

Matt, Horace is BANNED. And if you let him use your log on again, YOU are banned.

Dawn, wait for mine and we'll send them together.

Tex said...

Ted i think its gonna be on again at 11pm. check out my new pad. Ive been redecorating. still not sure about it all. I may be making some changes throughout the weekend.

Ted D said...

Thanks, Tex. I looked earlier and NESN is showing a hockey game at 7. Probably be on tomorrow sometime, you think?

Tree Newt said...

Do yourself a favor: take in the speed and grace of that NHL game on NESN. You'll thank me later.

Ted D said...

Can't, Mattie. Gotta have the Center Ice package. It's the Bruins and somebody.

Yes, they make people PAY to watch hockey,

Shocking, no?

Tree Newt said...

Uhhhh...don't you pay for your 184 nights of baseball?

FSN, baby...all Canes, all the time.

Ted D said...

Yeah, but that's America's Pastime.

We're talking about HOCKEY.