Thursday, January 8, 2009

I'm a Moron

This is my THIRD attempt to upload this where somebody, ANYBODY can see it.

Apologies to everyone who's tried, and if it doesn't work this time I'll resort to drawing stick figures.

It really is amazing I can get out of bed and dress myself every day.

The biggest thing I draw from watching this is Trot's enthusiasm for ANYTHING that happens. I think I could tell him we're going outside to look at the cement and he'd give the same response.

And for those of you who don't speak 2 year old?

I'll post a transcript of the video if I have to.

::Crosses fingers and hits "publish post".


HorshamScouse said...

Works for me now. I have no clue what Trot's saying but it doesn't matter, it's still hilarious.

I do think that game could lead to multiple visits to the E.R. to extract various small objects from various small orifices.

There's an episode of House where House removes a whole sequence of things from a two-year-old's nose. The last one was a cat which the fire truck and the fireman had been sent in to rescue.

Tex said...

i was thinking the same thing HS....Ted you DO realize you're teaching him to stick things in his ear.

cutttte video TechMan

HorshamScouse said...

I missed one. Quote from the show:

"Nice grasp of concepts, relationships. Very smart. Very cool. First the policeman, the fireman, then the firetruck... Your brother was sending in teams to save the cat."

Ted D said...

John and Tex,

I figured if I showed them myself I wouldn't find them later with a Spiderman shoved up their nose waiting for somebody to show them how to remove it.

Trot's reactions just killed me. He's just like his Dad.

He's an idiot.

Marc said...

That was great!!
Your kids are so precious.
You are a blessed man, amigo!!

Ted D said...

Marc, they are without a doubt an ever loving mess. Rakes called me on my way to work this morning; best I can figure out? He figured out how to beat Jabba the Hut on his PS2 game, but I was laughing the whole time.

Beth said...

Now that is some funny stuff!

Ted D said...

Beth, thing is it's like that EVERY night. I curse the day we decided to get an open floor plan in the new house.

I'm pretty sure you could land a jet outside on the street and I wouldn't hear it.

Rich in the garage said...

He can use the phone eh?

Don't give him the number for 911.

That will be a disaster.

Ted D said...

Rich, I'm pretty sure they'd take it away from us after the 50th call.

Sarah said...

They are SO freaking cute! I was at my cousin's house playing with her kids while I was home for Christmas. The little one, Sophia, sounds a lot like Trot, whereby when she gets excited, she's NOT speaking English, haha.

Ted D said...

Thanks, Sarah. If you aren't around him much the boy sounds like he's speaking gibberish; scary enough, I can understand him MOST of the time.