Sunday, January 18, 2009

Mark Teixeira Who?

To go along with his epic facial hair, funking batting stance, and terminally dirty uniform, Youk has a brand new, big time contract.

The whole time Scott Boras was pimping Mark Teixeira as the second coming of Slappy (only this one apparently doesn't turn into Jello pudding in the playoffs) that small, somewhat sane part of my brain kept saying "No. We've GOT a Gold Glove first baseman who's a hitting machine already."

Youk hits for average, has good power, and is a hoover at first base. Plus he's not looking to earn the equivalent of the Federal Bailout Package over the life of his contract and judging from his press conference, the guy seems like he LOVES being a member of the Red Sox.

Last but not least, when the next brouhaha breaks out between the Sox and Rays, who would you rather have charging the mound? Teixeira?

Or the guy who looks a deranged woodsman wearing a baseball uniform?

Here's to several more years of hearing chants of "YOOOOOOOOOUUUK" reverberating off the walls of Fenway Park.


Tree Newt said...


Tree Newt said...

Left off the "k". Typing one-armed with a baby in the other!

Ted D said...

Nice, Mattie. Not a bad way to spend a Sunday. Give her a kiss from her Uncle Ted.

Marc said...

Thank goodness that we still have Youk! And I would rather have him than Teixeria simply because I know that he is there to play his heart out and will give the Sox and his fan 150%!! Plus he has yet to hit his full potential!

And I would die if I go to a Soxs game and could not yell YYYOUUUUUUUUUUKKKKKKKK at the top of my lungs!!!!

Tex said...

I just finished reading the Trials and Tribulations of Ted.

Let me say you THINK Rakes isn't listening....see, Rakes is listening and watching how you freak he keeps it simple and figures if he stays close to'll give him anything he wants...

that way when he slips in his request for a Monster Truck wont notice

Ted D said...

Marc, I'm right there with you.

And Tex, I thought he was nuts all these years; turns out Rakes is WAY smarter than I gave him credit for.

Anonymous said...

About that trip to Europe....It's really Paris and they're going shopping in Vanessa's private jet! Vanessa will be a Fashion Designer and Ciera will be a Professional Dancer. :) Really. It's true! Ask her. :)

Tex said...

and Rakes will be running a Camp for Wayward Boys

in Ted's backyard :)

Ted D said...

Edge, you gotta help me squash this thing NOW. Seriously.

And Tex, Rakes running the camp? IN one, maybe. Running it? Well, anything is possible.