Sunday, January 18, 2009

We are made for TV

Sometime during the 4th quarter of the Cardinals/Eagles game, Ang was trying to tell me something about somebody that has some sort of problem (honestly? I couldn't tell you who. I actually wasn't listening). Meanwhile, Trot is on top of the bar trying to put a toy Batman in the light fixture while Rakes was running around humming the theme song from "Indiana Jones" at the top of his lungs.

Angie, clearly frustrated by her failure to communicate this bit of news to me over the din of the equivalent of the Space Shuttle re-entering the earth's atmosphere walked off and muttered under her breath "I can't even have a conversation with you" as she left.

Ciera, who I had previously thought was in her room at the time, shouted downstairs the following:

"Now you know how I feel!"

THIS is why I'm fairly confident Calgon is filming it's next commercial in my living room.


Krystle said...

Oh my gosh, why did I just laugh. That's really kind of funny. Kids just say the darnest things huh? If that show was still on your kids would do awesome on it.

Tree Newt said...

I can hear Ciera, in her perfect sarcastic tone, saying that.

Other than her comment, isn't this indicative of a typical day around your house?


Tex said...

Ted, perhaps you should limit your tv intake to one hour per day

::rushes off while madness ensues::

Bob said...

Everyone wants a chunk of dear old Ted and there is only so much to go around!
You are a hot commodity around your house.
Futures in Ted Industries will rise on Tuesday when the markets opens.

Just be sure you keep the main shareholder happy. LOLOLOLO

Ted D said...

Krystle, you might as well laugh than cry; it's sort of how I look at it anyways.

Mattie, yes it was sarcastic and yes it's not much different than normal.

Tex, I'm down to 2 shows a week plus sports; how much more can I cut?

Bob, are you giving me a hot stock tip? 'Cause I could use some good news.

Tex said...'s the phrase "plus sports" I speaking of

::rolls eyes::

fla beck said...

My husband conducts attention tests by saying something outrageous that pulls my attention away from the game,then says,"I just wanted to see if I had your attention."

Ted D said...

Oh. Well if that's the case Tex, we've got a serious problem here.

Fla beck, my whole life is outrageous between the hours of 7 and 9 pm; she could pretty much tell me a a train just pulled into the kitchen and I wouldn't blink twice.