Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Am I Worried?

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Tomorrow night at 9:37 pm marks the start of the 2009 playoffs for the Red Sox.

In times like this I look to Tito to gauge my level of stress; by the looks of this picture it's all in the bag and the biggest thing I should be concerned about is whether I want corned beef or ham on my sammich tomorrow for lunch.

Reason 5,894 I love that man.

Late starts, rally monkeys, thundersticks, and getting by on 4 hours sleep per night for the next month.





Matty said...

Yeah, his face seems to say it all, doesn't it?

Ted D said...

Matty, if Tito can do his best Alfred E. Neuman impression, then by God so can I.

Matty said...

And I hear you loud and clear about those 4 hours. Every October I'm about as sleep deprived as a man can get.

But then again, I have the next 11 months to catch up.

HorshamScouse said...

Google 'beatific smile' and you get Tito's pic. (Beats the scary-ass pic of you from yesterday:))

West Coast start and NZ being on daylight saving time means I can leave work early Friday and see most of the game live. Yay me! And, despite not appearing in their schedule, ESPN here are carrying the TBS feed. Double Yay!

Ted D said...

Matty, sleep is overrated IMO. ;) GO SOX!

And John, I take offense at your insult of my picture. ;) Glad you are getting to see the game in real time, buddy!

~**Dawn**~ said...

Was nice of them to spot us a half hour on the West Coast starts though! Maybe I can be in bed by 12:30 & only lose an hour of sleep! I don't always make it through the regular season games out there, especially on school nights, but the playoffs are a different beast!

Ted D said...

The 30 minutes will make a difference, Dawn.

Stacy said...

The man doesn't look like he has a care in the world.