Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Yep. It's October.

My stomach hurts, my nerves are fried, and 15 minutes ago I found myself in the foyer muttering under my breath and holding a vacuum cleaner bag in case I started hyper ventilating.

And the Red Sox don't play until Thursday.

The Twins just beat the Tigers in Extra Innings and are gonna be getting on a plane and heading to New York in a few short hours to start the ALDS against the Yankees. In biblical terms, this is the equivalent of a kid with a slingshot and 5 smooth stones facing off against a giant with a big spear and no fear.

And we all know how THAT story played out so keep hope alive.

I've got the playoff beard growing, the Tums in the medicine cabinet, and the psychic hotline on speed dial. Ang has promised to help me get the boys in bed by nine every night, I've pulled out the Trot Nixon jersey and lucky 2004 socks just in case, and our code word this year is "Moonbeam".

If Ang hears this through the door to our bedroom as she catches up on "John and Kate Plus 8" over the next month she knows to 1. Call the Authorities and 2. No matter what; don't open the door.

It's October. It's the playoffs.

It's on like Donkey Kong.


Tree Newt said... need sleep. Lots of sleep. You best get some before the DS starts Thurs!

Matty said...

Same here. My wife knows I'm a bachelor the entire month of October.

fla beck said...

Love the pic,Ted! Scary!

HorshamScouse said...

That was the first game I've watched most of on DVR not knowing the result that didn't involve the Sox.

My heart says Mauer can be a hero in the New Toilet windtunnel but my head says it won't be enough :(

Remember to breathe in as well as out, Ted, and you'll be fine:)

Beth said...

Ted, that is one scary picture to see first thing in the morning!

Ted D said...

Matt and Matty, it's playoff time. We'll all sleep when we're dead. Becky, sorry if I frightened you. And Scouser, thats in then out, right? Awesome game last night.

Ted D said...

Sorry, Beth!

Stacy said...

That is quite a picture of you. I'm with Matt; you need some sleep. You look older than me. :)

Ted D said...

Sleep is over rated, Stace.