Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween with the Heathens

Following the last 8 hours of a 48 hour work week, I flew the 10 miles across town to get to the church in time to help Ciera run the Dragon Slide ride for the Fall Carnival we always put on. While I was in my customary blue jeans and Sox cap, Sissy was rocking her Twister costume this year. She's 11 going on 35 so there probably won't be too many more Halloweens with her dressing up so I'm gonna enjoy them while I can.

Got a quick, long distance shot with my phone of Ang and The Terrible Two on the Ferris Wheel. Naturally, Trot tried to climb out while it was stopped at the top; Ang looked like a pig wrangler trying to keep him from jumping out.

Finally, the Dark Lord of the Sith and his loyal Storm Trooper; Rakes is pretending to cut Trot's head off while Trot cheerily yells "CHEESE" at the top of his lungs.

Actual conversation from earlier in the week with Rakes:

Me: "Why don't you guys want to be Han Solo and Luke Skywalker?"

Rakes: "Those are the good guys, Dad. We want to be the BAD guys."

Yep. That's my boys.


HorshamScouse said...

So Rakes was cutting the cheese in a Darth Vader suit?


Ted D said...

That too, John. That too.

Tex said...

I think the Twister game is SO appropriate. I mean it's Twister every day with the Dalton Gang

Ted D said...

Good point, Tex! Hope your birthday went great!