Friday, October 23, 2009

Somewhere the Florida Sun is waiting.

If Halloween coming up in a week and the World Series right around the corner wasn't enough of a sign, this picture was taken by me, in my driveway, at 6:30 tonight.

The Red Maple in my front yard has turned, well, red and just a month ago where all those clouds are would have been the sun setting in the West.

Before Trot can pee in something other than the toilet it'll be pitch dark at 5 p.m., I'll be scouring the Internets looking for Hot Stove rumors and dreaming of Truck Day.

It's the tail end of another baseball year and I'm looking ahead. Again.

Simba and Pumba can go pound sand; the circle of life isn't some quote from "The Lion King".

It's the passing of another year of baseball.


Matty said...

Yes, there's always next year.

As for now, I'm hoping for another Yankee meltdown. Ala 2004.

Ted D said...

Matty, here's to that and a Philly repeat.

Rich in the garage said...

Its Pumpba and Timon and they didn't sing the circle of life. They sang Hakuna Matata.

Rafiki is the one who introduces the circle of life.

(I was like 8 when that movie came out and I have a Bizare freakind memory, shoot me.

Ted D said...

I worry about you, Jr.

Will Hennessy said...

hope you have a good time if you come down here. it has been pretty sunny the last few days. still, i'd trade places with you any day!