Friday, February 6, 2009

Christmas comes early; Today was Truck Day!

*Picture courtesy of Josh Blue. If you think about linking without proper credit, I have to warn you; he knows people. Who am I kidding? He IS people."

Forget that stupid groundhog seeing his shadow or not; today was the sign for Red Sox fans everywhere that Spring is indeed on it's way.

After loading up everything from bats to Theo's computer to the practice jersey's the boys will wear during the early days of Spring Training, the big trucks rolled out of Boston today headed to Florida. And yes, I'm aware the rest of the country looks at Red Sox Nation like we all need a collective lobotomy; speaking for the rest of the future members of the sanitarium we all feel the need to tell you to pound sand where the sun don't shine.

Today means baseball. Soon. Next week we'll see images of the pitchers running in the outfield and playing long toss while Tek holds court with the minor league guys who may or may not step foot in Fenway Park this season. It means John Henry in his Indiana Jones hat patrolling the outfield while Tito and Theo hold their obligatory press conference where they answer about 100 questions without giving anything away.

It means winter is on it's last legs, Spring is around the corner, and the soothing tones of Orsillo and Remy are just a few months away.

It means Baseball. God, do I love truck day.

Apparently from the picture I posted it also means that along with my friend Kelly on the right and my friend Cyn in the middle that the old lady from the Wendy's commercials is a Sox fan herself.

Where's the Beef?


Rich in the garage said...

I read an interesting article from the 70's today.

"Baseball is not a life-and-death matter, but the Red Sox are."

That pretty much sums it up.

Ready and waiting, all I need now is that first case of Sam Summer to show up at the packie and were good to go.

Ted D said...

I like that quote, Rich. Yes they are.

Sam Summer... yes indeed.

~**Dawn**~ said...

Bite your tongue! We are not "a few months away" from Remy & Don! We are *weeks* away from Spring Training games. Which they will be announcing. And which will glue me to the computer. ;-)

HorshamScouse said...

"Red Sox baseball is not a life-and-death matter, it's more important than that."

Fixed (with a nod in the direction of the late, lamented Bill Shankly).

Rich in the garage said...

It was actually Mike Barnacle, 1977 Horsham!

Trot's Hat said...

//case of Sam summer//

Yes, please.

Ted D said...

Maybe Mike Barnacle stole it from Bill Shankly?

Hi, Bridget. A little over 3 months to go and we can all have one together.


HorshamScouse said...

Neither, it seems:

it's Henry Russell Sanders for the win.

Ted D said...

And the 'Scouser with the save.

Sarah said...

My $0.02:

"As hard as it may be for their partisans to believe, there was indeed a time when the Boston Red Sox did not exist. This flaw in national culture was corrected in 1901."
~ Donald Honig

"The Red Sox are a religion. Every year we reenact the agony and temptation in the garden. Baseball child's play? Well, up here in Boston, it's a passion play."
~ George Higgins

"Is it just me, or are the Red Sox most definitely superior to the Yankees? Of course, they always have been. But now it's official." - Hot Sox Rox, blog :D

And today I taught lab, and one of the songs on my playlist? "Tessie"

I can't wait for the season to finally begin! :)

Ted D said...

Sarah, well said.

Being a Sox fan is like believing in a religion. It never ends. ;)