Monday, February 2, 2009

Day off? What day off?

No, it didn't snow again.

That is about the only thing that didn't happen today. Got up at 8 so I could take a shower and get Rakes to pre-school. Came home and read the paper while picking up a living room full of Lego's, then headed out to eat lunch with Ciera at school at the Ungodly hour of 10:30 am.

Left there and ran uptown to register Rakes for Spring Soccer then broke about 17 motor vehicles laws to get to his pre-school by noon to pick him up.

Came home, fed the animals lunch and went outside for 2 hours to play; and by play I mean chase tennis balls, soccer balls, and tricycles down the driveway, street, and back yard. Got Trot put down for nap just in time for Ciera to get home from school, Rakes settled in front of the PS2, and myself out of the house for 60 minutes of solitude; What I wouldn't give for Superman's Fortress of Solitude on days like this.

Ate supper, cleaned up the dishes, bathed the boys, and played "Star Wars Legos" with Rakes for an hour; right now? The boys are eating a snack and I've got a stop watch counting down until bedtime and Jack Bauer.

I have no clue how Angie does this EVERYDAY.

I gotta go back to work tomorrow to catch my breath.

PS: I wouldn't have it any other way.


Sarah said...

What a great picture!! :)

Ted D said...

Thanks, Sarah.

They take after their mother.

Thank God.

Sarah said...

Voila! I have a picture! :)

And great response, haha. You don't give yourself enough credit, though!

Ted D said...

Sure I do; they get their head strong nature, surly personalities, and temper from me.

They get their looks from Ang; not exactly a fair tradeoff but it's one I can live with. ;)

Sarah said...

and... voila... I don't have a picture :( How come my picture won't show up?

And surly? Surely you must be mistaken... look at those cherubic faces!

Ted D said...

Sarah, you are a college student. Therefore, I have to assume you've been drinking; otherwise, how else do you come up wiht cherubic when describing my kids? ;)

Thank you for the compliments; you are too kind.

Rich in the garage said...

At least you know life will never get boring.

And super man has that stupid robot, so hes not really alone.

I just wonder why he made ti a dude? I'd have fem bot's with hooters as big as the moon.

Tex said...

you never commented about wearing a cup, Ted.

Ted D said...

I'm with you, Rich. You don't think?......


Wouldn't do any good, Tex. They'd just figure out a way to get around it.

Sarah said...

And just when you least expected it... my picture showed up! Just so everyone knows, the napkin that I'm holding reads:

"We know some of you are here to embarrass yourselves in public

Thanks. We'll enjoy the show."

haha and Ted, how, pray tell, would I be able to come UP with such a descriptor as "cherubic" if I were under the influence? Seriously, think about it.