Saturday, February 14, 2009

Tell Cupid Josh Beckett say's Hi

Tito: "Josh, what do you think about Joba being in the starting rotation for the Yankees this season?"

Beckett: "Skip, I could give two *&*&* about that fat, drunk driving piece of *@#&. He can pitch all 162 *@#$*@# games for that piece of *#$* team for all I care. All I wanna know is when am I starting and where is the *#$#**$ beer?"

Or maybe he just asked him if he had heard the one about the priest, a monk, and a rabbi.

It could go either way.

All I know is this picture gives me a happy.

Oh. And Happy Valentines Day.

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Tex said...

Excellent Scenarios...I choose Story 1.

I cant wait to see JPB's scowl

Ted D said...

Me either. And I'm guessing number 1 as well.

I don't want the scowl; I want the F bomb laden curse out of the guy who shows him up pimping a long fly ball to left.

Tex said...

i love all of jpb's facial expressions. Hope you and Angie had a romantic eve. Im hoping this rain will quit in the morning so we can pack up josh's things and get on the road

Ted D said...

We had a great night, Tex. Nice dinner, watched a movie, and put Trot to bed 14 times.

Hope you guys can get on the road early tomorrow.

HorshamScouse said...

So you haven't tried the shot of scotch in his nighttime milk?

Glad you a nice date.

It's so near you can almost touch it! VORP!

Rich in the garage said...

So you haven't tried the shot of scotch in his nighttime milk?//

He did but I'm a staunch drunk.

Oh you were talking about bad.

Ted D said...

Hadn't tried the scotch yet, John. But I'm considering it.

Rich, you need to run for President someday. Seriously.

Rich in the garage said...

Good, you can be the VP. That way when I make a pass at some diplomats wife and they have me killed I'll still get the last laugh for dumping the whole world of sheet on your lap.

Ted D said...

No way you're getting me to sign up for that duty, Rich. I nominate JB.

Rich in the garage said...

How about Rakes, I think hes smarter.

Ted D said...

Rakes with his hand on the nuclear football? Now THAT is a scary image.