Friday, February 27, 2009

A Jolt of Reality

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Just when I think I can't take another round of Trot treating his pants like a portajohn, Rakes asking me for the 1,359th time why Luke Skywalker has a green light saber, and Ciera taking the expressway to teenage land I stumble across someone or something that reminds me how freaking good I've actually got it.

Tonight it was catching the Josh Hamilton special on the MLB Network.

Nothing like a little dose of reality to fix your own personal pity party.

I know some think he gets more notoriety than he deserves, and granted I've never had a family member deal with this kind of addiction (I do have some relatives who have dealt with substance abuse issues but not exactly at this level) but I think this guys story is awesome.

If Big Papi doesn't win it, I'm really hoping a certain OF who plays for the Texas Rangers somehow wins the AL MVP this year.

I gotta go now; Trot just got out of bed for the 16th time, I forgot to make Rakes go to the bathroom before I put him to bed, and Ciera and her 2 friends who are sleeping over are making more noise than the average Ozzy Osborne contest.

Opening Day can't get here fast enough.


Tree Newt said...

How can a story like Hamilton's possibly be over covered? In all the Slappy-Big Mac-Bonds-Balco crap, you have a shining light of redemption, and a guy excelling at his position after so many gave up on him. It's remarkable, that's what it is!

Tell 'em all to go...

Well, Jr., I'll let you fill in the rest!

Rich in the garage said...

Im of the school that people who chase / chased the dragon should not be glorified. While I appreciate his story and how much of a success he is as someone who has recovered we should be more willing to praise the people who did it right from the start. I know everyone loves the archetype of the Greek tragedy...

The truth is Josh is one of the lucky ones, its amazing that he has the will power to remain clean after what he's been through an even more amazing. I however see nothing but book and movie deals for this guy in the future and I don't think this should be something he should profit from.

Ted D said...

Pound sand where the sun don't shine, Mattie?

Rich, I agree the guy shouldn't be glorified. However, I think there is a difference in glorifying and telling the story. Watching that special last night it's obvious he's a guy who signs every autograph, gives the speeches to the kids, etc... For me, we hear so much negative about sports and the players it's a relief to hear something positive.

I totally understand your position as well, though.

Blogstiny said...

I think life is all about second chances. Everybody screws up, and if you can recover and be a stronger person I'm all for it. There are certainly enough A-holes in sports. He seems genuine. I'm a fan of Hamilton.

Ted D said...

Agree 100%, man. I really hope the guy can keep it together.

Libby said...

I agree; it's a great story. Usually we just hear the bad; it's refreshing to see a story of success.

BTW, I told Jared about your post, and he knows why Luke's light sabre is green. Tell Rakes to ask Cousin Jerry. :)

Tex said...

Where I agree with Rich in the fact that people who have gone the wrong route shouldn't be glorified...I dont see Josh being glorified. Or taking glorification. he appears very humble

Ted D said...

Libby, the fact you are reading my blog makes me a little weirded out. ;) But I'll tell Rakes to ask Jerry about the light saber.

Tex, I'm right there with you. He doesn't come across as wanting to be glorified but more making sure his story is a cautionary tale to others. Hope you and Janet are having a great time!

Trot's Hat said...

I agree that people who screw up shouldn't get a parade, but if we don't learn from our mistakes then we're all screwed. Everything about him that I've seen has been an attempt to help others learn from his mistakes, and that takes a lot of guts.
...Almost as much guts as it take to have a 3-girl sleepover in your house ;-)

Ted D said...

//...Almost as much guts as it take to have a 3-girl sleepover in your house ;-)//

This isn't guts, Bridget.

It's stupidity.

Or insanity, whichever you prefer. ;)

Libby said...

Ted, that was me (Stacy) posting. I don't know why it posted as Libby. And as far as I know, Libby doesn't read your blog.

Stacy said...

Let's try it one more time. I should now be posting as myself.

Sometimes I can't use this newfangled technology very well. :)

Ted D said...

I feel a little better, Stacy. Just a little. ;)