Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sanity is a Fragile Thing

As I watched Rakes and Trot pull each other through the house on a plastic wagon while banging off every wall, door, dish washer and random leg they could find while laughing like homicidal maniacs the whole time, I was struck by a thought.

And no, it wasn't "Why is Rakes grabbing his willy?" Although in retrospect that would have been a valid answer. I sleep better if I tell myself he was just checking to make sure it was still there and leave it at that.

In the midst of more noise than the average Motorhead concert I suddenly realized that more than likely, even though it was right at the top of the list, I won't die of a heart attack.

I'm pretty sure the hypertension will get me first.

Or maybe I'll just go deaf from the jet engine-like noise that permeates my house on a daily basis and live to a ripe old age, blissfully unaware of the chaos around me while Ang slowly turns into Jack Nicholson in "The Shining".

Everybody has to have a dream, right?


Rich in the garage said...

My father is crazier than I am, if you can imagine that. He spends his day's with 20 somethings ordering them about as they curate the towns sports fields, parks and playgrounds.

That being said for a 60 year old man hes fairly up to date with a 16 year olds sense of humor and enjoys screaming obscenities and acting like a typical 6 year old while food shopping with my poor mother who I've never even heard belch.

I think I know where you're coming from.

Rich in the garage said... know I may have driven him to this state

Ted D said...

I was thinking the same thing, Rich. God only knows what I'll be like in 10 years.

Rich in the garage said...

And right about that time I'll likely have children of my own and the lord will have stricken down his vengeance upon me in the form of 2 ft. tall creatures that shit and piss everywhere.

Ted D said...

If there is any justice? Yes.

Sarah said...

"And right about that time I'll likely have children of my own and the lord will have stricken down his vengeance upon me in the form of 2 ft. tall creatures that shit and piss everywhere."

Rich... you're a fucking riot :)

(Sorry Ted... I'm a potty mouth and I have been very good about not posting obscenities on your blog... but if Rich can say "shit" I think I can let one slip through) O:)

Rich in the garage said...

Rich... you're a f-ing riot :) //

I try really hard not to swear, but in Boston we use the F word like a comma so it's tough.

...If you could peer into my skull and see some of the weird crap I come with you you'd be shocked, repulsed and likely reccomend a full frontal labotomy.

Ted D said...

See what you started Rich? Sarah, the only reason I worry about it is Ciera reads the comments sometimes, but usually only when I've used a picture of her! But you're right; the boy is a riot.

Rich, when I came up there last year for the first time it killed me how people used it; almost as a term of endearment. I love the city; love to move there one day.

Blogstiny said...

My boys are constantly bouncing off the walls, along with small pieces of drywall and paint here and there. I would do some touch-ups, but what's the point? I feel ya.

Ted D said...

Exactly. What's the point when they are just going to do it all over again?

Sarah said...

Rich and Ted, I'm glad you understand my plight. I have been very good about my language, though, Ted! But seriously, he deserved an expletive for that line, haha.

Ted D said...

Sarah, Rich deserves an expletive for most of his lines. I can't wait to meet him.