Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday

As I watched the game tonight from my sofa, I was reminded of why sports hold such a high place in our society. I'd be remiss if I failed to mention Rakes was lying next to me and kicking me in the gibley's while he played Batman on his Nintendo DS, Trot was wearing a long sleeve shirt, his underoos, and a belt for some unknown reason and Ciera was asking me if I knew who some pre-adolescent on Disney was. All the while, Ang is either on the phone, asking me how old Bruce Springsteen is, or wondering aloud for the 1,358th time why those guys wore their hair that long.

I mention all that just to let you know that my brain already feels like oatmeal and I'm just into the second paragraph of this post; so cut me some slack, ok?

Watching the Cardinals take the lead, then seeing the Steelers come back and win the game my emotions went from one end of the spectrum to the other, I yelled at the tv and cursed under my breath. What I didn't do? Not once did I think about the depressed economy or wonder how sales would be at the store next week.

For a few brief hours, I didn't worry about the mortgage payment, the credit card bill, or the stock market. Economics, wars, and stimulus packages didn't cross my mind for the whole game and that is basically what I'm trying to get across.

Tonight, sports did exactly what it was supposed to do; it provided a diversion from reality so I could completely invest myself in what was going on in Tampa Bay.

Tomorrow it won't really matter who won or who lost. I'll still have my worries and headaches I had at 6:30 tonight.

But tonight?

I was a fan.

If a football game can do all this for me, do you now understand what a 162 game baseball season means? Is it all beginning to make sense?

Spring Training is just around the corner.

Thank God.


Tex said...

im sure Ang is quite excited about baseball season approaching...i think im going to start charging admission to watch any games on my tv.

and you'd think by now, you'd wear a cup

HorshamScouse said...

Tex has bingo.

You're right about sports, Ted. The other day I got into watching Everton/Liverpool for most of the game (about 80 of the 90 minutes) and everything else faded away.

Bridget said...

Absolutely dead on, Ted. Though I would like to see you argue come September that baseball is a diversion and not a reason to go on breathing... ;-)

Meanwhile, that Nike video you posted about a week ago makes me cry every single time I watch it.

Marc said...

With the crazyness over here I only watch about 30% of the game and most was in the 4th. (0 % hafltime not a burce fan, had enough of him in the 80's )Needless to say I was bummed your Card did not pull it off..but they had way to many errors. So they shot them selves in the foot. Seeing the
Steelers win ...ugh....
HURRY UP BASEBALL SEASON!!! I'm am so desperate I'm watching old games on MLB.TV!!!!!

I hear you loud and clear on how sports acts as a diversion for all of ills!!! Thank heaven we have that!

Ted D said...

Tex, she actually is excited; she's tired of me complaining about nothing to watch.

Horsham, it really is amazing how we can get so involved in a competition we feel like WE are invested in it.

Bridget, you make a good point about September! Not really sure what that say's about all of us though....

Marc, I'm fine with the Steelers winning it; just thought it would be sweet to see the guy who got sand kicked in his face all the time come out on top for once.

Marc said...

Ah yes, lifelong Sox fans we tend to side with the underdogs!

~**Dawn**~ said...

Well said, Ted. I had ESPN on after work on Friday, and Tony Kornheiser was saying how economic slumps like the country is right now are good for sports, because people stay home more. And when they do, they gather around the tv for things like football and baseball games. I tend to agree with him. It's cheap entertainment & escapism at its finest, because we can focus our attention on something else.

Speaking of Spring Training, something else I am really looking forward to is that Red Sox schedule widget you have being wiped clean because BOY am I sick of looking at that Tampa loss score. =P

Ted D said...

Marc, yeah; being a Sox fan I tend to root for the underdog and the never haves.

Dawn, I think what Kornheiser said is spot on; and you make a great point about the cost as well.

I thought about deleting the widget and adding it back, but decided I'd leave it up to remind me how I felt when they knocked the Sox out.