Wednesday, June 10, 2009

7-0. Life is good.


Sox win and Wake takes the W.

That makes the season series 7-0 Red Sox.

I'm ignoring the fact that Pap almost gave me a heart attack and I'm reveling in the fact Joe Girardi is counting on 300 lb CC Sabbathia to save the series.

If I'd have took this scenario to Hollywood they'd have laughed in my face.

I'm getting out my broom for tomorrow; Sweeps don't suck.


~**Dawn**~ said...

I am almost used to Papelbon giving me heart failure now. It's just something he does. Only one clean inning this whole season--and it was one that didn't matter when the Rangers were in town. (What gives with that anyway?? One nibbly Dice is enough, thanks!)

I wonder if Tito will mess with Penny & put Lugo at short tonight...

Ted D said...

Dawn, it's taking some getting used to but you can't argue with the results.

I'd be surprised if Lugo was in; Green has been playing really well. And a heads up play last night catching Swisher at first on the line out.

~**Dawn**~ said...

Amalie has posted the lineup on Twitter & it is confirmed: Green is the SS. Which is good because I am thinking Penny looked borderline homicidal last outing. No need to see bloodshed on the field as a result of "friendly fire." ;-)

I can't argue with the results, but for cripe's sake. He doesn't need to kill off the fanbase in the process! Loading 'em up before striking out the side doesn't make him more awesome. It just makes the lining of my stomach eat itself & that doesn't help anyone. ;-)

Ted D said...

I saw the lineups a few minutes ago! Couple of people at SG were speculating about the possiblity of Penny drilling someone tonight for Bay getting hit. He looks like the type who'd enjoy something like that!