Saturday, June 27, 2009

Blue Hairs All Over The World Rejoice

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Tim Wakefield is now 10-3. Since I'm currently 39 years old, the fact Old Man River is only 43 doesn't seem that remarkable; when you consider he plays the game of baseball for a living?

Dude has found The Fountain of Youth and is channeling Father Time all at once.

Kevin Slowey. Roy Halladay. And Tim Wakefield.

The only 3 guys in the AL with 10 wins, although Wake's brother in arms Josh Beckett is just one behind. No CC Sabbathia, no AJ Burnett, no Chien Ming Wang.....

You get the idea. A guy old enough to be the Dad of most guys pitching in the game today is tied for the league lead in wins and if there is any justice in the world he'll make his first All-Star game next month.

Makes me want to go out and sign up for a Triathlon.

If only I had the time, will power, and desire.

Congrats, Timmy.

Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.


Stacy said...

I'll not take offense at the "Blue Hairs" comment since I'm OLDER than Wake, but I agree, he pitched a great game. I was glad to see him get the win.

By the way, before you sign up for a Triathlon, you might try walking to the mailbox and back a few times and see how winded you get. :)

Tex said...

Im sure if you were paid a million dollars to'd do it

Ted D said...

Stacy, walking to the mailbox is no problem. It's walking back that'll get me.

And Tex; I'm still not sure I could do it.

Sean S. said...

C.C. Sabathia and Burnett are better than Beckett. Beckett will be the jester this year in the post season. There's no way he's going to pitch well in the wind tunnel at Yankee stadium.

Ted D said...

Keep telling yourself that if it helps you sleep any better. Sabathia is one glazed donut away from the DL and Burnett has only stayed healthy in contract years.

I'll take Beckett and Lester any day of the week. And you do realize the Red Sox have already played at the new Stadium already, right?


Rich in the garage said...

Thats supposing the Yankees even make the post season.

Money says they crap out mid summer.

Ted D said...

Exactly, Jr.

Sean S. said...

Just another red sox choke...nothing unusual.

Ted D said...

Do you even know how dumb that comment is? They lost 2-1 against the same guy who made YOUR team look silly. The fact you think winning a series is a choke just shows you don't know the game at all.