Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Real Life is Funnier Than Anything I Could Make Up.

Watching the Red Sox dismantle the Orioles earlier tonight (before God sent a thunderstorm of biblical proportions over Camden Yards, suspending the game and causing me to unleash a stream of profanities in my mind over the fact John Smoltz is DEALING and may not come back out to get the official W) the following events took place.

Rakes, stretched out on the couch next to me was playing with a used cell phone he got from his Papa today and, I thought, paying no attention to what was happening on the television.

Gary Thorne, or he who I wish would get run over by a Zamboni on his next hockey telecast, was going over the all time winningest pitchers in the post-season. Smoltz was first, Tommy Glavine was second, and Gred Maddox was 5th or so. Thorne then pontificated, in that annoying way he says most things, that Smoltz, due to pitching again this season may have ruined the chances for the Three Amigos of Atlanta (Smoltz, Glavine, and Maddox) to enter the Hall of Fame together 5 years from now.

As soon as "Maddox has retired" came out of his mouth, Rakes hollered the following:

"Maddox has retired? I LOVE Maddox!"


"Who's Maddox?"

Just when I think I'll never laugh that hard again, my future Juvenile Delinquent goes and proves me wrong.

Tarp is coming off in Baltimore, so here's to Smoltz getting that first win as a Red Sox a little later on.


Tree Newt said...

Dude, for Thorne to do Get run over, ESPN is going o have to get hockey again. And as much as I'd like that, t probably ain't hapenning. Shucks.

Classic pic of Rakes. Wish we were all at Camden watching the beating.

Ted D said...

Word, Newt. Although the fact they gacked up a 9 run lead sort of takes the fun away.


Sean S. said...

Just another red sox choke...nothing unusual.

Just another joke of a team blowing a nine run lead...nothing unusual.

Ted D said...

Seriously. You are retarded, right? You remember the Yankees losing 22-2 to Cleveland a few years ago? And you do know they play 162 games? I'm really glad I'm not a Yankee fan or I'd be in the nuthouse by now.

Come see me when the Yankees actually BEAT the Red Sox this year.

8-0, dink. 8-0.

And the short yellow bus will be by sometime in the morning.

You really need to get better material.

Stacy said...

You need to educate the boy on Maddux, Glavine and Smoltz. Especially Maddux. :)

Seein' as how he LOVES him and all.

Ted D said...

It was hilarious, Stacy. One day when he can understand it I'll tell him about the big three from the ATL. What a run those guys had.

Rich in the garage said...

Sean just reiterating how much of a joke he is. Nothing unusual.

Ted D said...

Exactly, Jr. I hate day games when I have to work.