Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I've Got Friends in Low Places.

Ever since Al Gore invented the Internets, there has been one example after another about how messed up the world is.

From spammers filling our in boxes with ads for Viagra and the AARP to some dude in Argentina willing to give me millions for the minimal processing fee along with some dink living in his parents basement popping up on comment boards to stir it up there are countless more reasons to wish we'd all just unplug and move on.

For all the things that are wrong with the world wide web, can I offer up a positive?

Because there is now a way for me to connect with like minded, Red Sox obsessed people I've managed to meet some of the finest people you could imagine over the past 3 years.

The above picture shows most of them hanging outside the window of a bar in Boston.

Seriously, as a guy who carries his lunchpail to work and before getting the Internet at home could count his friends on one hand with fingers left over?

Technology is a beautiful thing.

Other than my wife and brother, all my closest friends are people I've "met" online.

Rob and Jane, JB and Amy, Candaon, Tex, hayes, Jr, Cyn, Kelly, ab, BB, DB, Beth, JET, Trot's Hat, etc.... You know who you are. And everyone I didn't mention? My life is better just knowing you all.

My point is this; make sure you warn your kids about that weird dude hanging out in the chat rooms, but don't throw the baby out with the bath water.

'Cause you never know what you'll miss out on.

Sox beat the Marlins 8-2 with Wake getting win #9.

Word to your motha'.


Beth said...

Aw! Well said - and all true!!

Ted D said...

Yep. Don't want to think about what things would be like if I hadn't met all ya'll, Beth.

Trot's Hat said...

Awww...Tay-ed. :-)
Well said! And it is totally true...I'd be lost without us.

Rich in the garage said...

The probem is we are the people in the chat room you'll warn your children about. All of us.

Especially JB.

Ted D said...

I feel the same, Bridget. And Jr? Not all of us are whackjobs. And JB is a big teddy bear. You on the other hand....

~**Dawn**~ said...

You are so right. I have met people who have become real life best friends all thanks to this crazy thing called Internet.

Rich in the garage said...

I like kittens and long walks on the beach, leather bound books and string quartets.

Whats wrong with that.

I also think tim wakefield is benjamin button.

Ted D said...

Dawn, my only problem is I've met lifelong friends online, yet warn Ciera everyday not to talk to people she doesn't know! And Jr, most serial killers do the same things you do. ;)

~**Dawn**~ said...

I think the difference is that when you're a grown-up, you know which sensitive information to keep private in the online environment. And I have *always* met online friends in a very safe public place for the first time--at ballgames or at WDW, something like that--unless someone I know & trust has already met said person themselves and I know it's safe. As Ciera gets older (which I know is not allowed & will never ever happen, pleasebreathenowTED!), you will teach her the ropes & the hows & whys and until then, it's safer just to keep it black-and-white by saying "don't talk to strangers." ;-)

Ted D said...

Dawn, you made me snort! And yeah, no growing up. EVER. But the advice is exactly what I'm doing. gmta. ;)