Saturday, June 13, 2009

Big Business Needs a Reality Check

Apparently, Lowes has some program where they allow anyone to come to one of their stores to make some pre-arranged project as a community outreach program.

After today, I'm sure there is some middle aged store manager furiously dialing the corporate office demanding they discontinue this project ASAP after Huey, Dewey, and Louie descended upon the local affiliate.

Especially after they gave Trot a hammer and let him go.

Evidently this is some Father's Day present gone horribly wrong and while I'm confident it'll end in someone getting dismembered or fired, Ang is positive it'll be a day I'll never forget.

Finally, we have something we can agree on.

The only difference is I see a prison sentence in someone's future.


Rich in the garage said...

At least they weren't brought up Yankee fans.

I can only imagine how rakes will take to the whole rivalry at roughly 18. I can also only hope that Im 100 miles away and have a good alibi should he meet a yankee's fan in boston.

Trot's Hat said...

...with the hammer, no less

Ted D said...

Rich, who are you kidding? You'll be there with us.

And like Bridget say's; with the hammer. ALL of us.

Stacy said...

They sure look cute with their aprons and goggles. :)

I am surprised there were no broken fingers after they let Trot have a hammer. Yikes.

This is one Father's Day gift I can't WAIT to see. :)

Ted D said...

I'm a little scared to find out what it actually is, Stacy. ;)

fla beck said...

I have a lovely Snowman shaped napkin holder from a Home Depot project. It fits right in to the tropical decor down here in Florida. Go with flow,Ted!