Sunday, June 21, 2009

Saturday Night in Durham with the B Brothers

The highlight to a great night at the park.

Pawtucket pitcher Billy Traber, walking off the field after his team beat the Durham Bulls 4-3, walking over to where we were sitting, motioning to Rakes, and then giving him a game used ball. He then waited patiently while I fumbled with the camera, then picked up Rakes for me to snap this picture.

I don't think Rakes feet hit the ground until I put him to bed tonight. From ab and BB trying to get him to run onto the field and get them a ball for a dollar, to Wooly the Bull driving a go cart around the field, and all the way to ab bringing all of the non facial hair having members of our party an honorary B brothers 'stache, it was a great night all around.

There is a shot of all of us with various facial hair, but it's on the camera of the lovely DB so I've got to wait until she sends it to me in order to share it. (Ciera was choking on the hairs of her 'stache at the time and I didn't have the opportunity to get one with my camera) In the meantime, I'll leave you with a preview courtesy of Rakes and ab.

And yes. It was even better in person.

Thanks again boys, for a great night with some good friends.

Looking forward to doing it again sometime soon.

* I corrected the error in the blog earlier. Turns out it wasn't Ron Johnson, even though he wore #21, but Pitcher Billy Traber. Thanks for the heads up, Kelly!*


sittingstill said...

Ted, FWIW, that's Billy Traber, not RJ. ^_^ I don't care what the numbers say!

(And it's a beautiful photo!)

Sorry I missed your call--I put my phone on the charger and promptly forgot that I didn't have it...

Ted D said...

Kelly, Cyn told me at FB. Not getting to see them I was going by the numbers. Both teams wew wearing Negro League Uniforms so a lot of the numbers probably were wrong. But thanks!

Stacy said...

Loving the 'stache! :) Can't wait to see the family shot.

Glad you guys had a great time!

Happy Father's Day, bro.

Ted D said...

Thanks, Sis. Tell Keith the same for me.

Sean S. said...

Hey loser. Happy Father's Day.

Ted D said...

Thanks. And it's looser.

Beth said...

What a great photo! Happy father's day, pal

Ted D said...

Thanks, Beth!