Monday, June 22, 2009

I had an Epiphany. Or Something.

Due to the perfect circle of no Red Sox game combined with Deadliest Catch running on TUESDAY instead of today and "The Big Bang Theory" being a rerun, I've spent the evening watching the National Geographic channel.

So far I've watched "Saddam Hussien's Iraq" and "Iran and the West", and I've realized the following. In the 70's we backed Iran, ruled over by the Shah who liked rock and roll and the West but pretty much killed anyone who looked at him wrong. When he got thrown out, we shifted to Saddam and his goon squad; we all know how THAT move turned out.

Now we're in bed with Saudi Arabia, which if history is any sort of judge will end with us looking like Charlie Brown after Lucy pulls the football away for the millionth time and us wondering which one of these nut job countries we can tag team with next.

Which got me to thinking (this is usually never a good thing) and I've come up with the perfect party to back in the next elections.

Make this guy the President.....

Have this guy as his running mate...

And for the Secretary of Defense?

Seriously, if we've got these three head hunters running the show? Who in their right mind is going to test us?

Thankfully, the Red Sox will be back on my tv tomorrow, I'll be wiped out from working 10 hours, and my thoughts will be consumed with how John Smoltz will look on Thursday, how the Red Sox can bury Daisuke on the DL for the rest of the year, and why can't someone under the age of 62 get a .34 cent coffee at McDonalds like all the senior citizens get to enjoy?

Forget the fact I don't drink coffee; I just want equal rights for everyone.

You gotta admit, though.

Trot Nixon as President would be totally 'bitchin.


HorshamScouse said...

//why can't someone under the age of 62 get a .34 cent coffee at McDonalds like all the senior citizens get to enjoy?//

You have to earn it, son. Now get off my lawn.

Amazing how much Trot looks like Youk in that picture.

Ted D said...

Nicely played, 'Scouser. And he does resemble The Bearded One a bit.

Rich in the garage said...

In three years I will be 26, therefore If I look in the mirror I am 62 and should be able to get some cheep ass coffee.


Also, I really look forward to seeing Smoltz on Thursday, I think the guys will rally behind a veteran like him.

Ted D said...

Brilliant, Jr. So that makes me 78; sounds about right. And I'm with you on Smoltz. Can't wait to see him.